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  1. I have lived here for 25 years, and we are having the worst winter i have ever seen. I have not been to town since Thanksgiving week-end. Yesterday, I was helping my widow neighbor lady dig out because she is 79 years old and needed help. I have not checked any of my cameras for more than a month, so I decided to try to make the hike to a camera that is on her property. That hike took an hour longer than it normally does, and half way up to the camera, I was wishing I was home by the fire.
  2. Nice pictures Aaron. Does your neighbor know anything about that cat ??? Like if someone in the area owns it. It looks like an Ocelot to me. I did a search and there are thought to be only about 100 in the US, all of those in extreme south Texas. You should send that picture to: info@bigcatrescue.org. It would be interesting to see what they say about your picture. My dad and I saw one of these cats at the Black Gap Wildlife Preserve, on The Rio Grande River back in 1971. Bob
  3. dgrad

    More Bull Elk

    Ken and Woody, These bulls in this thread are small five and six points. They have no mass or tine length. I have been hunting elk sheds for more than 20 years and I have found hundreds of them. The antlers on the bulls in this thread wound weigh 6 to 9 pounds at best. The minimum score for a Rocky Mountain bull elk rack to be entered into the B&C Record book is 375". None of the bulls in this thread would even be a 300 bull. Our state record bull was killed here in the blue Mountains four years ago and it scored 455". This is a pic of A large bull from this same set from March 2016. These sheds scored 395" with an estimated spread and each shed weighed 15 pounds. The largest sheds I have found I found in March 2002. Those sheds weighed 18 pounds each.
  4. dgrad

    Nise Moose

    Nice video Ben. I mentioned you and your wife in the "Prayer Requests" forum. I hope your wife's recovery goes well. Bob
  5. Nice pictures and bucks Chuck !!!!
  6. dgrad

    More Bull Elk

    More small bulls
  7. dgrad

    More Bull Elk

    It was raining when this bull arrived. The top of the main beam was busted off during the rut on his right antler. Lots os busted antlers this year
  8. dgrad

    More Bull Elk

    There was nothing left but salt, so I only had three pics of this bull. The deer are eating most of the food I pack up there. I wish they would go away.
  9. So far none of the large bulls have found this set
  10. dgrad

    Ben (bobopool)

    Ben told us here about his wife's lung cancer back in August. Ben sent me a PM this morning saying his wife had one of her lungs removed, and she will have a very strenuous six week recovery from this operation. Ben, I went through a tough six month period with my wife before she passed away on September 22nd, so I know what you are going through Buddy. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your wife. I still have not completely recovered from what we went through, and maybe I never will. I 'll be thinking about you Buddy. Bob
  11. dgrad

    P41 Not Storing Pics

    I have two builds that use the LCD board, and once I had to re-flow the solder that connects the wires to the board. I don't use that board now because you have to solder the wires. If you move the wires when checking the camera, I think this is your problem. If you had to cut the wire in order to be able to short it to ground, that really didn't tell you which wire is the problem. Bob