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  1. thank goodness for the search feature pulled another P32 back from the junk pile! the basic "unplug" the shutter motor & leave the shutter door open wouldn't work.. The soldering of a jumper like HuntingDawg posted got it back ...
  2. gtk

    Homemade Smoker Designs

    Here is one a guy made & posted pics of ... http://www.msdeer.net/cms/talk-forum/viewt...?f=2&t=8746
  3. Deer of a lifetime! A heartfelt congrats from MS !
  4. If you live in an area with good soil, he is probably real good sized 3.5, more than likely a 4.5.
  5. gtk

    My 2011 Wi Bow Kill

    Loved it! Great way to remember .
  6. gtk

    Critter-gitter Working Again

    is that a 903v board? I'm still running my 903v with a P32. Got to be going on 6 years or so..
  7. gtk

    You Know It's Bad When......

    I've put a camera out before and completely forgot about it till the next season when I went to put one out in the same spot
  8. gtk

    How Many Nerds Do We Have?

    programmer by trade.. was dba for a while.. 20+ years in the IT world now.
  9. gtk

    Can't Believe The Heat!

    106 yesterday, with a heat index of 124 we are melting
  10. gtk

    To Carry Or Not To Carry

    Here is a pretty neat video clip about the Swiss & Guns
  11. gtk

    Bg1 Board Info

    here's all the info I have for it.. http://www.msdeer.net/index.php?ind=downlo...view&idev=3
  12. I keep all pictures. If I have, for example three pics of the same group of does, I delete all but one of them. I also keep all the buck pics. Then I rename the files like so "20091210061502.jpg" This tells me the pic was taken on 2009-12-10 at 6:15 in the morning, and is the 2nd pic of the series. I then take those files and load into some software that keeps track of all my pictures so I can produce graphs & stuff..
  13. gtk

    Clumsy Me (fractured My Ankle)

    Yep.. I feel your pain.. Sometime in the near future, you should be able to predict the weather somewhat, by the aching in your ankle ..
  14. gtk

    Tanning A Deer Hide

    I tried tanning doe I shot, with the "Hair On".. Turned out pretty good.. Its actually soft & supple this time around.. Its still needs about a day of drying though..
  15. gtk

    Clumsy Me (fractured My Ankle)

    Next time you go to the doc, ask him if he'll give you an xray. it makes for some interesting conversation. here is mine