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  1. Need Help P-41 Bf Board

    I have a P-41 with a BF Board that I cant seem to get to work. If I remember the camera does not want to power on when you turn on the the board. I was wondering if there is anyone here that trouble shoots for a fee and possible could get it back working. I am at a point in my life with kids that I just cant find the time needed to get the camera going. If anyone is interested please PM me. Thank you, Steven
  2. Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    Never mind i read 2nd page and saw some one already answered it.
  3. Can Anyone Identify This Controller Board?

    I think but do not quote me on this but it looks like a old x-10 sensor build. Steve
  4. P-41 Will Not Turn Off.

    thks for the info steve
  5. P-41 Will Not Turn Off.

    is the refresh wire the common wire?
  6. P-41 Will Not Turn Off.

    I disconnected the wires from my BF board. to check the Pir. I thought that I hooked the wires back right but apparently not. When I turn the board on the camera comes on but does not turn off. I can manually turn off the camera but, the camera comes back on and stays on when it takes a picture. I was going to change the wires around but I did not want to fry anything putting the wrong wire into the terminal. Hope this makes sense. Thks Steve
  7. Bf Board

    Awesome I guess I will try and email him tomorrow. Thks for the info.
  8. Bf Board

    Thank you, Do you know who does repair work or reprogramming on the BF boards? Steve
  9. Bf Board

    I was wondering other then the (3) AAA batteries is there any other battery on the board? Just curious Thks Steve
  10. P-41 Settings

    I was wondering if anyone had the settings for the P-41. Chris(212) posted the settings for me but I can not find them. I was hoping someone my repost them. Thks Steven
  11. Bf Board

    Thanks for all of the help this far it if greatly appreciated. Steven
  12. Bf Board

    Well try tonight when I get home....How fast should it take from the time the sensor picks movement to the time the canera flashes to take the picture? The camera is a Sony P-41.
  13. Bf Board

    I turned it to 2 oclock position and it is still blinking. this is the first time I have had problems with this board.
  14. Bf Board

    Thank you for that test to perform. I did and the camera works in all 3 modes(takes picture, takes video, and preview picture). I thought there was a battery on the board that might be causing the issue, but I do not know. steve
  15. Bf Board

    Howdy, I have a BF board that I have been using now for roughly 5yrs or so give or take a few. I went out to check my cameras and I could not get it to set. I put in new aaa batteries on the board and fully recharged aa batteries in the P-41 camera. When I powered on the board I could not get it from stop blinking. I would blink maybe 1-2 blinks per second. Curious if anyone know what that means. Thank you Steve