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  1. The only way you are going to get that many pics that fast is with a DSLR build. The pictures will be incredible (magazine print quality) but it's not going to save you any money, that's for sure!!!
  2. I use 3 rechargeable aa's for externals in mine. It very well could have been too much voltage.
  3. In my opinion Eneloop are still the best. I have had good luck with Imedion low self discharge batteries too. I think the eneloops are a slightly better battery of the two.
  4. I like it! Do you know if the forum is compatible with tapatalk?
  5. I don't remember exactly where the battery is but I think it's attached to a ribbon cable somewhere, near the memory card slot I'm pretty sure and the ribbon cable with the battery can be replaced.
  6. John....if the internal batteries were bad wouldn't the camera batteries still hold the settings until they were dead or pulled ? They should as long as they still have enough voltage. The internals are a coin cell so around 3 volts or just over.
  7. The internal batteries could be going bad. Is it reverting to the set date and time screen?
  8. When you get it just post up here what it's doing and not doing and we'll get you all fixed up and running.
  9. That's an XLP board, powered by two coin cell batteries in the back.
  10. If your settings icons are showing but nothing when you are taking a pictures and the photos are black then it's a lens issue of some type. You can try swapping the lens like Ben suggested or while taking pictures tap on the lens and see if it might be something stuck. It never hurts to initialize the camera either, you might just get lucky.
  11. Have a good one Ben
  12. Speedy recovery sir, just follow the doc's orders
  13. You're going to have to be careful of false triggers with the board set to very high, I leave mine at normal pretty much all of the time.
  14. Swapping boards is a good idea
  15. Have you tried a different board battery? Also is the sensitivity set the same on both boards?