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  1. I just looked real quick but it looks like ebay, amazon and walmart online all have them
  2. If you are using the Schottky diode to prevent discharging of the battery when there's no sunlight on the panel you may not need it if using a solar/charge controller.
  3. The SS1 might be an issue, I think it has a 5v regulator in it so if you have a full 5 volts to it you're probably OK but any dip or fluctuation and you could have a problem, The SS2 should be fine with the 5v. I'm not sure about the bigfoot, I think I've seen them run with 3-aa batteries, if that's the case it will be fine, if it was 4-aa's and I'm not remembering correctly then it won't. Hopefully Gary sees this and shares his wisdom.
  4. These are the settings that I use with my s600 cameras - I make no claims of authenticity as I picked them up from various places over the years.... if anyone has different experiences with different settings, please feel free to share.... Program • 0EV FOR IR Choose +1.0EV • MULTI AF • AUTO WHITE BAL • AUTO ISO • FINE P. QUALITY • NORMAL REC MODE • + FLASH LEVEL • P.EFFECT: OFF • NORMAL SATURATION • + CONTRAST • + SHARPNESS • NORMAL REC MODE Setup Camera 1: • AF Mode: Single • Digital Zoom: Off • Date/Time: Day/Time • Red Eye Reduction: Off • AF Illuminator: Off • Auto
  5. Make sure when you change the settings that you turn dips 11 and 12 off for a few seconds to reset the board.
  6. http://web.archive.org/web/20081209160003/http://www.whitetailsupply.com/PIR-Board/XLP_MANUAL___DIP_SELECTOR.pdf
  7. I don't think the XLP supported the fasthack. It might just be tying the lens to common so it functions as a normal hack.
  8. I can't remember the exact name but I think it was a Sony picture recovery, You entered the serial number from a Sony memory card when you downloaded the program
  9. Prayers to his family, that's sad to hear.
  10. Below 11 volts is pretty close to dead for an SLA battery so that's probably why the cams aren't working. A few things to consider without the regulator and diode, if something happens to the battery either unplugged or it shorts out somehow you could be running the full solar panel voltage to the camera which will most likely fry it. Also without the diode if your panel doesn't have one built in when the sun goes down the panel could actually discharge the battery. You would probably be better off with a solar controller rather than the voltage regulator.
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