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  1. I still visit here from time to time but I don't do much with cameras these days... I have three p32 builds with xlp boards that are not working for sale. I sold them to a friend some time ago and last year they quit. I have tried all the different ways to get the boards going but no luck. I just do not have the time these days to retrofit them.. Two of the cameras appear to be working. The third is hacked for externals and was one of the first I did... It was working when I got it from my friend but won't go now. I melted a piece of the cover when I hacked it but it had worked fine for years. Not sure what is up with it. I make no guarantees with any of the cameras etc... I was considering retrofitting the builds with ssII boards but I just don't have the time.. I want to sell all three as shown in the picture. Make me a reasonable offer. Thanks Steve
  2. I got these builds running with the help of Johnnydeerhunter!! Switched out the board in one and put on/off switches in the other two. My buddy still wants to sell them. $175.00 tyd for all three.... i'll put up pictures later...... thanks steve
  3. orion

    Egbertdavis, Happy Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday old man!!!!! glad it was a good one...
  4. Hi everyone: I lurk often but haven't posted much... I thought I would post this in hope that someone may be able to help me. I have a Tacoma truck and my temp/compass read out deal stopped working. I got on a Tacoma forum and found a fix (or so I thought). Apparently the 510 resistors (top photo on right side) have a tendency to lift off the board. The fix was simply to solder it back down which I did (bottom resistor on right side) or at least tried to do.. Put it all back together and it worked. Problem was that after a week or so it stopped. I took it down and apart and messed with the solder edge and it worked again, but only for about 4-5 days....... Now I cant get it to work again. I even hit the other 3 edges with solder to be sure they were making a connection. No good. I hooked up the power and pressed on the resistors and they got hot quick... but the display did not come on... How would I know if one of the resistors is bad? Why would it work for a week and then stop? Can I replace them? Can/would one of you high tech guys trouble shoot it or fix it for me? Thanks for any help.. Steve
  5. It is wired with a 3 wire servo, not stereo jack...
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    Congratulations Bowgod

    Happy for you Ron!! Congratulations............... hope your honeymooning......
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    Happy Birthday Egbertdavis

    Happy belated Birthday Gramps!!! I mean Ron.............. :roll2: Sorry I'm late.................. Hope it was a good one..
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    Just Doing A Bit Of Bragging....

    Proud for sure, how exciting!! Good luck to her and you!!
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    Hagshouse Family Member Check-in

    I'm still visiting, just not building much these days.......................
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    Happy Birthday Egbertdavis

    At your age, do you still celebrate them??? Hope its been a good one! Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday Peanut

    Happy belated birthday as well!!
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    Recommendations Please

    Put up a gate like I did.........................
  13. I have been quiet lately but may mess with 3 old builds that I did for a friend. He is the hardest person on cams that I know. The xlp boards won't work. I have tried to fix them with the external battery ect. but no good. I am considering removing the xlp boards, patching the holes and putting in a SSII board. I will have to put the board in the cover of the case which will be a bit odd but I think it will work? Think I have enough room next to the lens glass for the ssii? Thanks -Steve
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!!
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    Happy Birthday Bowgod

    Happy belated Birthday Ron!!
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    Happy Birthday Mate! (35whelen)

    Happy belated Birthday Doug!! Hope it was a good one!
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    Gadestroyer74 Rattle Snake Bitten

    I just caught up on all this and my thoughts are with you. I hope for continued progress and a quick bounce back!! Scary stuff!
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    Happy Birthday To Bbahunter(48)

    Happy Birthday Brian!! Hope its a good one!
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    Happy B Day

    Happy Birthday fellas!
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    You Have Got To Get A Few Of These!

    Thanks... Yeah, last night the price was $29.99. I contacted the seller and asked why it doubled and he responded saying it was some kind of error and that he fixed it.... It back to the $14.99 now..lol
  21. orion

    You Have Got To Get A Few Of These!

    I think this guy doubled his price since this morning???? should have bought one this morning.... Can i charge those 3.7 volt batteries with my maha powerex 8 bay charger? Anybody track deer using one?
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    Happy Birthday Bigbassmann(53)

    Happy Birthday!!