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  1. WTB a Hacked P52, if anyone has one they will sell. Thanks.
  2. racerzl1

    S600 Build, Hacked S600 & S40

    I think your inbox may be full... tried to send you an offer.
  3. racerzl1

    Hagshouse Family Member Check-in

    I'm still here, havent been able to visit as much lately due to being busy with other issues. But, Im about to get back in the swing of things.
  4. racerzl1

    Fantasy Racing League ?

    Does anyone here do the Nascar fantasy racing league ? I am looking to join one....Thanks
  5. racerzl1

    Tablets Question

    Hey Bat, I didnt think I need an Ipad, until my wife got me one,(for an early Christmas present), and I have had it about a week, and absolutely love it.
  6. racerzl1

    P32 Flash Assy?

    Is the p32 flash assy the same as p52 ? Thanks
  7. racerzl1

    Aa Externals Question

    Its a Fuji a610 camera/ How many external aas would I need ?
  8. racerzl1

    Aa Externals Question

    I have a camera that is hacked for externals. It is a two AA type camera. I am wanting to hook up externals, and only have a thin amount of space inside the existing case.So, I need to use aa externals... How do I wire up externals. I dont wanna fry the camera....Thanks
  9. racerzl1

    S40 With Memory Stick Error (fixed !)

    Bill, you nailed the problem... I tried clean to ribbon, to no avail...but.I had a parts cam laying here, and I swapped out the card reader, and now its back working perfectly....Thanks guys very much for the help !!
  10. Hack still works, and will work normally with taking pics to internal memory. But, has 13:01 memory stick error any time a card is installed. I have tried multiple memory sticks. The reset button on the camera is uresponsive. Any ideas ?? I really newed to get this camera going soon.
  11. racerzl1

    P52 With Bigfoot Settings

    Exact same as P32.
  12. racerzl1


    Does the jacket have the speed-clips inside?
  13. racerzl1

    Joe's Mounts?

    Anyone have a link where to buy them?