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  1. fingershooter

    Scrape Action

    I have been trying to get this setup in focus and not having any luck. One side is always a little off. Any suggestions?
  2. fingershooter

    Scrape Action

    It is a mini spy mic I got off ebay.
  3. fingershooter

    Scrape Action

    Some nice ones on my first video build.
  4. fingershooter

    Dxg 125

    After taking a closer look at the lens hole I saw I didn't get paint in a couple of spots the size of a pinhead. I am using a clear case. I moved the cds to the lens hole and it seems to be working alot better. Thanks for the help.
  5. fingershooter

    Dxg 125

    What do you think of these clips. This one has flash bleed from the screen??? This one the exchanger didn't switch. How much light is need to trigger the switch? 2
  6. fingershooter

    Dxg125 Build

    My problem was with the mic also. I cut it open and looks like the circuit board is cracked. I have a new one in and it is not draining the battery. But with the new mic it doesn't pickup sound as good as the first one.
  7. fingershooter

    Dxg125 Build

    Just finished my first build. Everything works but it drains the 12v sla battery. I have narrowed it down to the spy mic. It is using 2mA with everything turned off. Anyone have any idea what I should look for?
  8. fingershooter


    BigRockTrees is having a contest to see who can grow the tallest hybrid poplar in 5 months. All I had to do to enter was post this link: http://www.bigrocktrees.com/blogs/whats-ha...0-free-cuttings
  9. fingershooter

    Hh1 Board

    I have tried new batteries. After messing with it today when I press on the board it takes a pic or if I blow on it.
  10. fingershooter

    Hh1 Board

    I have a HH1 board that is acting up. I can run through all the settings but it doesn't trigger. Any one have any ideas?
  11. fingershooter

    P32 Internal Battery

    Everytime I take the batteries out I have to reset the time and other settings. How do I go about changing the internal battery and where is it located? Thanks
  12. fingershooter

    Multiplying your apple trees,

    any report on how this worked?
  13. fingershooter

    Carbon Scent Suits

    Last night on a local news program they did a test on carbon clothes with police dogs. Here is the link
  14. fingershooter

    Is this a shooter????????

    The cam is a p32 with bg1. I did disable the shutter so it makes no noise. I would guess the flash got his attention. I have about five pics of him working the scrape. I would guess he is 4 1/2 yrs.