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  1. greystoke


    Black bear climbing the tree
  2. greystoke

    1gb Memory Stick Pro Duo Cards

    Sent you a PM.... returned a pm
  3. greystoke

    1gb Memory Stick Pro Duo Cards

    I'll take the last 2 I pm'd you a couple times but they're not showing up in sent items. Let me know where to send money
  4. greystoke

    Wtb 6 Wire Servo

    Think I have one, at work now, will check when I get home. edit- all I have is half of one, the female half, your welcome to it if it will help
  5. greystoke

    ? For Loc Line Users

    Does 1/4" work good for remote slave flash leg and do you need the pliers they sell to work with it? Thanks.
  6. greystoke

    Coyote Pic

    Dandy pics. You don't see many fox with their eyes open.
  7. Me too !!!! You guys just don't know what you're missing. Winter pics are some of the best.
  8. greystoke

    Cta Vs. Enloops

    I have both and for me the eneloops do better especially in the cold.
  9. greystoke


    I've got a p41 with a stereo connector on a pix le. It doesn't flash in the case but will flash if I shutter it with the button or by jumping the wires. It is set to forced flash. It took like 200 pics this week but only 10 or so daylight which were fine. The rest were black unless they were when there was a little light, then with software I could lighten them to make out some objects. Any ideas? I tried it in the house tonight and it won't flash here either but will when I shutter it in the cam without disconnecting anything. User error. Ends up I had put a trail mode chip in without changing the set-up guide for a reg le posted in the cam. Had it set for a s40 instead of a p41. Dip settings are different for each chip. I kinda feel like a dip myself.
  10. greystoke

    Ir/color P41

    Nice stuff! You do some really great work.
  11. greystoke

    Short Battery Life

    I had to retire my sanyo 2700's after about a year and a half. Seemed like when they started going bad it was fast.
  12. greystoke

    S600 Fuse Replacement

    You see alot of those with broken power buttons. If you can push the copper button and it works the power button has more than likely broke. Here is what I did to one of mine. I found a push button from a old camera and drilled right above the copper button that you pushed with the screw driver. I also have one that I just have a hole and use a real small screw driver to turn it on by pushing thru the hole. It doesn't work very good to try glueing the power button to repair.
  13. greystoke

    S600 Fuse Replacement

    Have you guys checked to make sure the prongs on the battery door are out far enough? Every so often you'll see where someone has had to bend the tabs out a little. I have had to do it on 2 600's.
  14. greystoke

    Mississippi Beast

    What a porker! Good luck.
  15. greystoke

    Black Bear

    I thought "according to the saying" that they did that in the woods. Great pic!