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  1. I’ve got more cams than I need and don’t have the time to do it right now so I thought I’d try to clear some of this stuff out. I have a bunch of wire, several different battery holder, 2 battery holders for Bigfoot boards, a snorkel with glass, one hpwa fresnal, so mounting tape a few flash seals, some ends for making wiring harnesses and the crimper for them. And a small project box. Asking $25 tyd with crimper or $20 tyd without. Will messages pic if interested can not get my phone to make it small enough for it to let me upload
  2. I started this build a few years ago, got to focusing the lens, and got busy with other stuff and never finished it. I don't really have a place to put it and have lost interest. All it should need to be completed is a little more sanding on the lens housing and focusing it and camo. I got it fairly close when I was working on it. There would be some good parts in it if a person wanted to part it out. Everything in it was bought new. DXG 125, Bigfoot board, Bigfoot array, electronics123 exchanger, has pipe through and mic out the bottom in a pelican case. $100 tyd continental US
  3. TheAirMan

    What Would You Do?

    If he tried it with a card, it was with his own. I didn't send one with it.
  4. TheAirMan

    What Would You Do?

    Some months ago now, I sold an S600 that I had decided I wasn't going to use on eBay. The camera was like new and worked fine. Guy talked me into shipping it to Canada even though I only ship to the Continental US. After spending I don't know how long in Florida(I don't understand why something going from Tennessee to Canada goes half the country in the wrong direction but that's another topic) he gets the camera. He writes me and says it's messed up and the pics are blurry. He says he tested it several times. I just figure it got bumped in shipping. He very calm and understanding about the whole deal. I refund all his money when I get the camera back and offer to pay his return shipping, which he declined. However, here's the thing, as soon as I receive the camera back I test it and it is working fine for me. I've kinda just put it on the back burner because I don't really know what to do. I am afraid to sell the thing to anyone else. However, I also don't want to do a build with it either in case it's a problem that comes and goes. Then again I don't want a great camera just sitting not being used. I don't know what to do.
  5. TheAirMan

    New Camera Builds To Try

    How do they do just using the cameras flash?
  6. TheAirMan


    new unhacked DXG 567. $25 tyd
  7. TheAirMan

    Can It All Fit

    Thanks, it seemed like all of the pics I saw either didn't have a pipe through or external power. Is that a 2 AA holder or a 4?
  8. TheAirMan

    Can It All Fit

    I tried searching on here but didnt exactly come up with the answer. Is their a layout you can do where you can get an s600, ss2, some external power, and some type of way to secure the thing, preferably a pipe through in a pelican 1020.
  9. TheAirMan

    Is There A Camera

    I didn't really expect to find one cheaper that was the plus part. I mainly looking for one that was comparable that took regular sd cards.
  10. TheAirMan

    Is There A Camera

    That uses regular sd cards that people use to make cams that has a flash comparable to or better than an S600. Also, being cheaper and easier to find would be a plus.
  11. TheAirMan

    Tip Of The Day

    Of course most of you guys are smart enough to know this already but, where you think you have unplugged your soldering iron & think it has had time to cool off, make sure you actually unplugged it before you grab it. Just sayin.
  12. TheAirMan

    P52 Flash

    I know the flash on this camera isn't the best. However, I was talking about not being happy with mine on another site. I posted a pic & someone suggested that my flash should be better that what it was & maybe the flash was getting week. I don't have another p52 to compare it to. I thought if it was week I might do something now since I brought the cam in after the deal I talked about in my other thread. If its not much trouble & someone has one easy to get to could someone post a night pic from a p52 that just uses the cameras flash
  13. TheAirMan

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    Here is what one looks like that you could buy. You can make the with PVC pipe or fitting & a piece of glass. I've never made one for an L11 so I am not sure what size you would need http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...&hl=Snorkel
  14. TheAirMan

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    It's something you put on the case for cameras like the L11 where the lens runs out from the camera when turned on. Without it, you couldn't put the camera against the front of the case because the lens couldn't extend out. There were some people that did sell them. Idk if anyone still does or not. You should be able to search on here & find out how to make one.
  15. TheAirMan

    Starting My First Build - Nikon L11

    You will also need to buy or get the stuff to build a snorkel.