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  1. Seems walmart doesnt carry um anymore.........not on their website either. Lindy Nite-brite battery replacement is the item. Found um several places online for $3-4 tho.

  2. Wow this is a great homebrew do it yourself idea. The video link does still work & I am headed to wally world right now to get some of the bobbers. Thanks guys!

  3. Guys, I have been through this as well. I used to have the satellite & hated the cost vs speed/FAP. FAP is their fair access policy which in laymans terms means "you download a lot - we cut you off". If you download x amount they cut you back to 50k for a certain amount of time. Look into it before you spend any cash.

    More importantly is the cell FAP. They allow ONLY 5gb a month. If you go over there are HUGE and I mean HUGE overage fees. Make dang sure you don't go over or you will see a bill like you hear about on the news. Something in the range of $2500 in a month if you just go to like 10gb. I know thats a large amount of data but if you download any movie trailers.......programs......or whatever then you are going to exceed that 5gb in a very short amount of time.

    I also live in a rural area where DSL ( best option IMO) and cable are not available.

    I got lucky and found a WISP service just starting out in my area. WISP is a wireless internet service provider. They use a T1 connection to a tower and use radio antennas much like a cb radio system to transmit data. I consistently get 750mb download and 250mb upload speeds in peak times and 1.5mb down in the off hours and thats unlimited downloads. With 4 of us using the internet in the house that 5gb maximum would kill me. They charged me $300 to set up the system (just a little radio antenna in my upstairs window) and $50 a month for the service. It is succeptible to lightning strikes at the main tower so it's down a fair amount (once or twice a week) here in South Alabama during the summer when it storms nearly every afternoon but they get it back up and running pretty quickly. Anyway good luck on your search.

  4. MrPike I did a search on walmart.com as you suggested. Turned up 1700 items with "case" and 1900 for "box". I narrowed it down with several different combinations but didnt see anything even close to the pic posted. What am I missing?

    Gona try to call um with the upc 002096850938. That is the correct upc I hope..........

  5. Yeah - I looked all over my local wallmart & there were none of these to be found........I checked mainly in the sporting goods / camping section & the tool area.

    Oh well, maybe I can take um the UPC & get um to order a few. I ended up buying a large blaze orange waterproof box located in the boating section. It will be a good box for the video camera setup but not even close to whats needed for a small trail cam setup. I'm gona check another wallyworld & if I find any I'll scoop um up & send um your way explore00.

  6. Hey bulltalk if you have internet (i know......VERY unlikely) at your camp thats an option as well. There are remote monitoring (cctv) items out there where you can view your home via internet.........

    I intend to set up my video system here at home for testing for several months & move it to the camp house just before bow season. I'll just leave it there to record until it runs outa power or memory. I kinda have the same problem as Jagg tho --- camp is 4.5 hrs away.

  7. Stopped at wallyworld on the way home from work this morning & found a bright (almost blaze) orange waterproof box in the camping section... was about twice the size of the old style metal ammo cans. Its lockable & opens from the top just like the old ammo cans too. Cost was only 7.53 so I bought one just to test it out. Should work well for the TRV video setup I'm planning on. There was one more in stock if anyones desperate. The clerk also told me that during hunting season they get a smaller green one in stock.

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