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  1. Boney

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year !
  2. Boney

    Happy New Year 2014

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  3. Thank you sevald for supporting the auction and the quick payment.The items will be on their way to Norway. John....the payment has been forwarded to your account.
  4. Up for auction is a brand new DXG 567 Big Foot Board and 8 LED Array with 2 sister boards. If you haven't build one of these yet you don't know what you are missing!! I tried to pick a few things out of my collection that I didn't really want to give up !!!! This is for a great cause and I thank all the Hags House members for making a difference. Auction will end with all other auctions listed.....I will pay the shipping......that will leave you a few more dollars to bid!
  5. Boney

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone !!
  6. Boney

    Nice Late Season Buck

    You know Roger is working on your coordinates right know! Buck beware!
  7. Boney

    Shed Hunting Bear

    Great pics and setup!! Thanks for sharing !
  8. Boney

    Hagshouse Family Member Check-in

    I have been absent for a while for different reasons......priorities......other hobbies......bad habits as the wife describes them sometimes ! I will try to check in more often......I do miss the companionship. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas !!
  9. An Awesome job for sure.......and a very proud moment for all of us! I am guessing the talent comes from a combination of both parents..
  10. Boney

    Happy Birthday Treetop!

    Happy Birthday Dave!!!
  11. Boney


    Prayers on the way Ron
  12. Boney

    Omg, It Has Been Awhile.

    Congradulations George!! Nice to hear from you again.
  13. Boney

    Any Interest Erie, Pa Area?

    Man.......I thought I would be able to make the next meeting up here but not going to this time.We are out of town on vacation the 10th and have our equipment auction on the 24th.Maybe next time.........I need bowgod02 to look at a DXG 125 build I'm doing.
  14. Boney

    Any Interest Erie, Pa Area?

    Erie.........Can you get there from Clymer?
  15. Boney

    The Picaxe Squeaker

    Matt I'm sure there are quite a few of us that are interested.Dont let the lack of responses discourage you.......We are here and paying attention....reading and learning .Keep up the good work and keep us posted.I would like to try one of these.
  16. Boney

    Ralph Part 2

    Prayers sent Ralph
  17. Boney

    S600 On And Off Button

    Nice TC!I have at least one camera that needs this repair.
  18. Boney

    Heartattack......more Pics

    With a buck like that running around your area.......You can't be to far south of Heaven !!
  19. Boney

    Ok So Not A Genius

    Your entertainment with that camera for $16.51 has outlasted my last $20 bill that I put in a slot machine!!!
  20. Boney

    Funny Sequence Of Booner!

    Gee........now all my bucks look small ! Thanks for sharing
  21. Boney

    New P41/ss2/ir/slave

    Great combination!Nice Build!!
  22. Boney

    Mechanical Heart Valve

    Congradulations Chris!!