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  1. BlackHillsDave

    Main Boards Needed

    I have a YETI board programmed for the H55. You will need to get the instructions for it. Yours if you want it. Just PM address. Will get it out Monday or Tuesday.
  2. BlackHillsDave

    Happy Birthday Blackhillsdave!

    Thanks guys! Had a good day. Gonna celebrate tomorrow with my daughter! Can't believe I am 62. Feel like 62. lol
  3. BlackHillsDave

    Coyote With Fawn In Mouth?

    Doesn't look like a fawn.
  4. BlackHillsDave

    My Second Remote Hog Trap

    Looks good! I would bury or raise that blue wire in case an animal were to go between the fence and your RATS system. Don't want them pulling the wire out.
  5. BlackHillsDave

    My Sons First Ever Ice Fishing Trip Today

    Awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time and the fish will be great!
  6. BlackHillsDave

    New Slave Flash Boards Coming Soon

    Very Nice!
  7. Congrats on a nice buck!
  8. BlackHillsDave

    Terrible News

    Prayers sent.
  9. BlackHillsDave


    Nice bucks! Good luck!
  10. BlackHillsDave


    Nice shots! Luv the bobcat.
  11. BlackHillsDave

    Red Fox And More Dxg125/bf

    Cool video Joe!
  12. BlackHillsDave

    3 Good Wisconsin Before And Afters

    Very nice bucks! Congrats to everyone!
  13. FiremanJim ask me to do a build and try out his new SlavePro1 slave flash control board. After being out in the field for a week, it didn't miss a beat. The layout is good, simple and straight forward to use. The added resister for the power is a plus. I like it and will be using these again. Nice work Jim! I also want to thank modeclan for doing the case camo! I have attached pics of the build and only the night time shots I got for the week.