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  1. drifter9

    Going To Hospital In The Morning

    Not trying to down play what your having done, I had stomach surgery, 10 months ago First the scope, they use the same camera on both ends, Then no solid food for 8 weeks, I hope all works out for you .
  2. drifter9

    Good Luck Wi Gun Deer Hunters

    Saw 5 doe hit 1 going to look for her at first light, she layed d own in a grassy water way I hate slug guns
  3. drifter9

    Javelina Halloween

    I like it , Clean up crew is here ,lol
  4. drifter9

    Sony S600 Problems

    Just had the same thing, It turned out to be the stereo jack I put in Thinking I got it to hot when soldering .
  5. drifter9


    Putting up winter supply 2 tubs in bulk 1 tub in 1/2 lbs parties 3 tubs total
  6. drifter9

    2011 Season

    Thanks for the congrads, Register her today, they had a scale, 173 lbs dressed.
  7. First deer for the season
  8. drifter9

    Remote Live Trap Notification

    Lol your inbox is full, I tried to pm you about this
  9. drifter9

    Remote Live Trap Notification

    How far do you need to go, And can you get clean line of sight ?
  10. drifter9

    My 2011 Wi Bow Kill

    Congrats . Very nice video
  11. drifter9

    Donut Seeds ?

    Lol..... Somebody has to much time on their hands
  12. drifter9

    Lid Cam

    Pics & videos all over on line. Forgot to say , it has 2 white light leds Work ok for walking in the dark, But not for filming in the dark
  13. drifter9

    Lid Cam

    Mine came yesterday, For what is ,I like it , don't think it will replace my HD camcorders , But for a no hands ,easy to use, light video recording unit , it works .
  14. drifter9

    My Arsonal

    I like the blue one.