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  1. Good to see your post tinhorn, hope all is well with you!
  2. Thanks Ralph, Hope you had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Hope the Holidays were good to you Egbert! Seems like so long ago that I built the TC-360. It's a lot of fun and gets some great videos. I just don't like to leave it out in the woods too long in fear of it coming up missing. I use my Duel SJ1000 built with Ralph's Safari Backpacker Board, my favorite combination! Maybe after I get my car projects completed I'll do another build or two?
  3. Hello Badgerbuckhunter, nice to hear you are going to be enjoying retirement soon! Hope all is good with you and yours and wish you well for the Holidays! I just retired last year myself, have plenty to keep me busy. Mostly want to finish getting my car projects completed first before I get too old for that kind of work. I checked out the Insta 360 One X on YouTube. Had to watch a few before I figured that it had a lens on both sides of the camera. Looks interesting. The camera I assume takes 360 all the time and stiches it together in software and using the software you I assume have to edit it to show what you want to show out of that 360 video. Some good points and some not so good I guess. Good it's 360 and you don't need a rotating assembly. Should be really good for daytime color videos. To do IR I guess you would have to remove the filter for 2 lens and then the daytime would not be good color. Filter exchanger would probably not work in there? I guess the lens are fish eye and the video is actually like a fish bowl look and the software in the camera converts it back to normal when looking at it on the camera and when on the computer the software that come with it probable straightens it back out too. Not really sure. Should not be that hard to get working as a trail cam, that is for day time & white light, maybe IR Day & Night? But a challenge I believe for Day Color and IR night. I look around at some prices and didn't see any under $300.00, is that about right or can they be found cheaper? I'll check back time to time to see if you busted it open and what progress you are making. Again Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  4. Been a while since I have posted anything, Going to see if I can figure this out again. Had my TC-360 with Duel SJ-1000 out in the front yard at the Persimmon Tree making sure it's still working. Here are a few videos if I can figure out how to post the links. It working great, can't believe it picked up that buck all the way at the back yard fence. Buck in Front Yard A doe sniffing my camera Back Yard Buck

    Happy Birthday Tcscout & Fasterem

    Thanks guys! It was a nice day! One year closer to retirement! Whenever that is?

    Happy Birthday Pdskal

    Hope it was a good one. Happy Birthday!

    New Build - Finally Finished

    Nice build George.

    No Apples...again

    Nice pics!

    2 New Builds: Fs7 And S40

    Couple of nice builds you have there, good work. Very clean builds.
  10. You still have some good ones, thanks for sharing them.

    Double Cam Finally Finished

    Your build looks Great! Those pics are really cool too. You did a nice job on the build, it's all put in there nice and neat, camo job looks sweet! Hope it works how you want and will be looking for some more of those pics and videos later on.
  12. Contest ends tonight at midnight, so get your vote in, chances are your vote will make a difference, it's a close one!
  13. Contest ends tonight at midnight, so get your vote in, chances are your vote will make a difference, it's a close one!
  14. Today is the last day to Vote for your favorite Video in the 2015-2016 Hags House Annual Video Contest. If you have not voted yet please take a couple minutes and vote. Thanks!