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  1. Bob (dgrad)

    Sorry to hear about this. thoughts and prayers are with you
  2. Happy Birthday Ghoot

    happy b-day!
  3. Af Illuminator ?

    the 220 has 0.5m, 1m, 3m, 7m and infinity. I had to pull one out of the drawer to double check.
  4. Af Illuminator ?

    the W220 does have an infinity setting. I run the W220s in infinity and found that I get great pics compared to the multi setting. I leave the ISO on auto and use a slave. I can not comment on the AF for I never use them. The W220 takes great pics but the lense does get noisy.
  5. Droptines

    what a buck!
  6. Happy Birthday Saltlick!

    thanks guys! All I want is warmer weather. Got up to another 4" of snow this morning.
  7. Time Lapse Questions

    I've been using the W220. It takes great pics with a slave. The lenses keep working fine but they get noisy. I have used 8 and 16 cards but it may take higher than that.
  8. Sony W220?

    lens is more noisy than others. Makes a great food plot cam with a slave.
  9. Help

    make sure there is not a light in the background. are the pics blurry in and outside of the build make sure the lens is not hitting the glass sometimes S40s and S600 have night focus problems. Changing lens assemblies sometimes if lucky will fix the problem.
  10. New Slave Flash Boards Coming Soon

    cool! great job
  11. No problems when I ordered from them
  12. Washed Out S40 Pics

    Make sure it is not your memory stick
  13. S40 Wont Power Up

    try a different set of bats. Also pull up on the battery contacts in the bat compartment.
  14. How Many Is Too Many

    That must mean she has 10 pairs of shoes and ten different purses.