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  1. GarMan

    Elk Wallow

    The video looked great for me on YouTube... very clear, crisp and colorful. Awesome video!!!!
  2. Nice pics! But seeing those mosquitoes.... they should try an episode of "Naked and Afraid" in your parts.... bet they wouldn't make it one night with all those skeeters! hahaha
  3. Very nice pics! I like the heron with the water splash... wonder what that was?
  4. GarMan

    A Few Videos From The Jz100

    Nice videos! I bought a Jazz camera a LONG time ago (when they were new) with the intent to make a video recorder... but never got around to it. Seeing good videos makes me wish I had!
  5. GarMan

    Recent Stuff From The Homebrews

    Been a while since I've visited this website... Those are some VERY nice pics. Love the one of the doe in the water!
  6. GarMan

    Really Nice Buck

    That's a good one!!
  7. GarMan

    Black Coyote

    Here's my best black yote pic from last season... My son almost got a shot at him during turkey season, he just didn't get close enough for a Federal Premium #6!
  8. Gun goes out Jan 17th and Archery goes until Jan 31st. Rut is just now starting to kick in. Seen some bucks still traveling together this weekend.
  9. I got several pics last year of black coyotes. They were over a mile away from where this picture was taken. This is the first black yote of the season. I wish I could see this rascal with my rifle in my hand!!!
  10. I have a stand that is about 25 yards from this camera...
  11. Here's a couple more pics of those deer ... another P52 / Yeti set-up... just no IR. My folks can see this spot from their dining room window! How lucky!! I believe the big one actually has a 3rd antler coming out of his skull by his left base... not for sure though. It may be attached to the left antler. He also has an old wound on his left rear leg, very likely from an automobile. Vehicles kill a lot of their deer... very often the bucks. :(
  12. I haven't posted any pics in some time, so I thought I'd share a few... Here's a couple deer inside some city limits in Mississippi. My folks had seen them in their back yard several times so I put out a couple camera's... one where he feeds them and then the IR under a persimmon tree they were feeding under. There were about 6 bucks in all, but 2 were pretty good size, with the one being exceptional for Mississippi! They pretty much disappear after they loose their velvet. Haven't seen any of them wile hunting.
  13. Nice!! What'cha got in that feeder to attract an eagle?? lol
  14. GarMan

    Working A Scrape

    Nice sequence!