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  1. S40 F2.8 help

    Cam 3 works fine in both cases so I think the board is good. Yep on cam type on/off1 is set on both boards. I have no clue at this point.
  2. S40 F2.8 help

    You're correct it is the negative not positive. But it does work with the hack wires. Update. I took another cam I had laying around and hacked that one. Everything works perfect with camera 3 in both cases. So I can rule out the boards and that part of the build. I've given up on camera 2 with focus error. I can occasionally get it to take pics on its own but has major delay and sometimes I get the "hand warning" for vibration. I took 3 lens from parts I had laying around no change with any of the lenses. 1 of the 3 lens I put in one of my malfunction cams where the lens was stuck. It works fine in that cam so that cam is back iin business! Camera 1 is very perplexing. It works fine on it's own and with the wire hack. The cam will not turn on when power to the board is turned on where it is supposed to get the initial refresh cam. Now here is the strange part. I just left both builds (cam 1 and 2) sit yesterday and as I would walk by them as tests. Both cams turn on lens comes out like they are supposed to. But neither would take a picture. Cam2 won't focus and Cam1 I don't get. Cam2 would turn off and close like a normal build after a short time of no movement But cam1 would stay on lens open for several minutes. Then cam1 would not turn back on for at least 5 minutes if I'd walk back in front of it again. Cam2 would open like normal build. Both are set at 5 sec. day and 15 sec. night. So my main issue now is Cam1 will not power on initially when the SSS board is powered on. It will power on later once in mode and detects movement but will not shutter a picture. And once it does power on doesn't seem like it is in trail cam mode because lens stays on open for a long time. Then once it closes it will not refire/open for at least 5 minutes after it closed. Thanks for your help guys. Appreciate it.
  3. S40 F2.8 help

    Camera 1 does operate with the wire hack. Camera power to external positive cam turns on shutter to external positive takes pic immediately. Power to positive turns cam off.. Good idea about the lens body. I did check that looked good but I pulled it out and put back in and no change. Never cleaned any of the ribbons. Take rubbing alcohol on a rag and wipe down?
  4. S40 F2.8 help

    I wonder if the flash is bad? The green dot flashes in the viewfinder and the green light flashes on the back of the case. I will look at that tomorrow.
  5. S40 F2.8 help

    No either setting with the AF has the same delay. The green light flashes about 10 times before taking the pic. And I do know it isn't the pic delay setting that is the bottom button that flashed orange on the front of the camera. The other cam I have apart right now. But I think it would power on connected because the camera works fine on its own.
  6. S40 F2.8 help

    I did try reformating and initializing back to original settings but no such luck. I guess the F2.8 is the lens but it is somehow stuck in some kind of AF mode. The first cam will not power on at all connected to the board. When the board is first turned on it should power on the cam and refresh it but nothing happens. Both boards will power on and refresh the 2nd cam so I know they are working correctly.
  7. S40 F2.8 help

    Hi, Trying to make a few more cams. I've done about 10 S40s with SSS LCD boards and external Cs. over the years but slowly they began to malfunction. Tried to make 2 new ones. No luck. Camara 1 works fine on its own but not connected to the SSS. When I turn the board on and get the camera refresh message the cam will not turn on in either case. Camera 2 will turn on in both cases and the lens comes out. So that tells me my "power" hack in camera 1 is not correct? I took the cam apart and the soder looks good. Any other ideas? Camera 2 has the message on the camera F2.8 which has to do with the auto focus. I can't get rid of this. When I try and take a pic with the camera on its own it takes about 10 secs. and that green light flashes before the camera actually takes a pic. Same thing when the camera is connected to the board. Basically I have shutter set at 10 secs. No good for a trail camera. How do I get that F2.8 message on the bottom to go away? Thanks in advance.
  8. Supplies

    Looking to do a few more builds. But I'm out of the supplies I got years ago from WS. I'd love to find the small circle rubber double sided gaskets that went inside the recessed holes for flash and lens holes. Or even the squares that covered the holes. Anyone know where/if these are available anywhere? Ebay? thx.
  9. New To Me S40 Problem

    Yes I think I've narrowed it done to the flash. Cam is taking clear pics in the day and at night w/ all the lights turned on in the house inside the case. However they still are grainy with all the lights turned off using only camera flash.
  10. New To Me S40 Problem

    camera on its own not in case
  11. New To Me S40 Problem

    Here is a thought. I may have used AR glass for camera. I remember not being able to tell if the blue film was already removed. Would film not removed cause grainy/blurry pics? But I have the same problem in 2 cases. And I don't think I used AR glass in both. example in case
  12. New To Me S40 Problem

    Still trying to figure this one out. Not hitting glass. Changed to 2 sec. shutter speed no noticeable change. when I walk in front the pics are blurry almost double vision w/ an outline so to speak like the shutter app. is too slow. Have set at 400. The fact the pics are clear on camera alone means my lens is good right?
  13. Have a couple new builds hoping to get out tomorrow. Have s40 takes perfect clear pics outside of the case. But when in 1040 case the pics are very blurry/grainy. Set on SSS LCD to take 2 pics per event. The first pic is always blurry. 2nd pic is better but still not good like w/ cam outside the case. Tried cam in 2 different case same result. 2 cases are slightly different and that the lens is further from the glass. One case has foam behind cam. The other just has rubber liner that comes w/ them. Thoughts?
  14. Pentax E50

    Excellent. Thank you! So I'm going to solder negative for board and externals to the same common spot w/ 2 separate wires. That should be fine? I'm thinking the easiest way to bridge shutter and focus is to do a 2 in wire from the focus terminal to the small terminal right above the "word common" in the 2nd picture. Daryl's hack showed soldering those 2 right above the "word common" and then doing a wire from the shutter button. Question though in Daryl's pic it shows the shutter is the left terminal on the shutter button. The link shows focus is the on the left and shutter is on the right. I'm only having 1 wire from the shutter. Does it matter which one as long as shutter and focus are bridged?
  15. Pentax E50

    Going to try my first non S40 hack. I've done about 10-12 S40s some successful some not. All 5 wire w/ externals. From research it seems E50 is "easy" hack. Can someone post or lead me to link w/ soder ground to on the camera? I want to do same 5 wire external hack I've done on S40s w/ SSS LCD board. I've found this video that shows using external negative for ground? Unsure how that works w/ the board and negative to battery holder? Can I really use any metal contact for the ground on the camera. I have 5wire servos from WS from years ago. So I can't do separate shutter and focus wires I have to bridge them on the camera correct? Or would a 6 wire servo work? Thanks.