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  1. crockett

    WTB p52's

    pm returned...
  2. crockett

    P52 for sale

    sale pending...
  3. crockett

    P52 for sale

    2 for $50.00 tyd!
  4. crockett

    Another Bruiser Booner!

    very nice deer!
  5. crockett

    P52 for sale

    going down 10.00 after 34 views then off to ebay if no one wants them!
  6. i have 2 like new condition p-52's for sale 65.00 tyd lower 48! cams have not been opened and both are in excellent working condition. SOLD!
  7. crockett

    S40 Scrape Pics

    great pics...that's a cool buck!
  8. crockett

    Dangers Of Solder Fumes

    glad your okay.....stay well!
  9. that's a great deer......congrats too you!
  10. awesome....love seeing different game from other locations, he's a beauty!
  11. crockett

    For Mike (he's A Bear)

    very cool!
  12. very nice capture......the pics are excellent!
  13. Thanks...that deer was killed over in Louisiana and the rut in that area is typically in full swing right now. I do hunt on a lease over here in Texas in the hill country and the rut here was going strong the first weekend in Nov. yeah i've only hunted in south texas and across the border down in ole mexico and conditions were good end dec/jan.....would love to get back there someday soon! wish i had cams back then i'm sure i would of got some great pics!
  14. looks like a trophy to me wvhunter........good pics!
  15. great buck mako........it's gonna get going down there in texas pretty quick isn't it?