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  1. sbarnes

    Fall Cleanup!

    Jazz still available?
  2. sbarnes

    Had A Blast Hunting Nebraska

    hey ratsnest I'm gonna PM ya on some info. these are the slams: Grand Slam : Eastern, Rio Grande, Merriam, and Osceola Turkeys Royal Slam : Grand Slam + Goulds ( Mexico ) Turkey World Slam : Royal Slam + Ocellated ( Central America ) Turkey
  3. sbarnes

    S600 Build - Would Like To Keep This One

    Hey Ron, Looks good.
  4. sbarnes

    Remote Slave For Sale

    well That was quick. Better check the boards daily.
  5. sbarnes


    are you wanting an unhacked P32, I have 10 p41 setups and 2 p32's. i want to go all p41 cams. if you are interested in a trade I will get you some pics.
  6. sbarnes

    Cleaning House

    I'll take it. pm sent
  7. sbarnes

    Cleaning House

    Is #1 still available?
  8. sbarnes

    Summer Sausage

  9. sbarnes

    More Winter Pics 01-14-10

    Awesome pics, love the snow.
  10. sbarnes

    I Did It!

    No, everyone should try it. I had another way but it waould have been way obviouus. There is nothing wrong with the new rules. Now if fixing the economy was this easy!!!!
  11. sbarnes

    Summer Sausage

    I'll check that out. thanks. any more suggestions?
  12. sbarnes

    I Did It!

    Thanks Diesel, but not my B-day. I was just exclaiming my 50th post. But it was the thought that counts right!