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  1. diesel

    Sad Day____week

    Sure sorry to hear that . Loss of a friend and family are never easy.
  2. diesel

    Hagshouse Family Member Check-in

    Good to hear from you Chris. I still check in from time to time
  3. diesel


    THat is awesome amen
  4. diesel

    Happy Birthday Bigbassman

    Hope you have a great one
  5. diesel

    Happy Birthday Badgerbuckhunter

    hope it is a great one.
  6. diesel

    Here Is To Don!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Don
  7. diesel

    Happy Birthday Egbertdavis

    Glad it was a good one happy birthday
  8. diesel

    Crossbow Vane Rubbing

    Bruce you are way to kind . Make sure the blazers are not rubbing in the bottom of the track they do on an Excalibur and a Ten Point so they may on yours as well. Does sound like the nock alignment may be off. 175 gr. tip should have good FOC Looks like JDH and buckhunter 1 are on the mark like always.
  9. diesel

    Crossbow Vane Rubbing

    What bow what vane ?
  10. diesel

    S600 Will Not Power Up

    Thank you JDH I will try some time this week.
  11. diesel

    S600 Will Not Power Up

    Does not power up at all.
  12. diesel

    S600 Will Not Power Up

    Thank you for your help guys. Yes I have voltage where I connect my externals . No LED light does not blink or come on .
  13. Has been in the field a year now and was working great. It is a Yeti fast hack. Will not power up if you jump the wires or if you push the button . I went to discharge the flash and did not see any spark . ( if Jon was here I would see if he would put his tongue on it ) Should I have 3 volts at my red power wire ? ( The red wire that goes to the yeti board ) I do not .
  14. diesel

    Quite A Few Birthdays Today

    Hope you all have great Birthdays .
  15. diesel


    Happy B-Day Diesel I do not know how 2 of us got the same screen name but up picked a good one. Larry (diesel in Ohio)