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  1. bowhuntingnut

    SSI withFuji J10 not working

    Also , while the camera sits, with the switch turned off, the camera powers on for no reason, then powers off. It shouldn't do anything if the switch is off.
  2. bowhuntingnut

    SSI withFuji J10 not working

    I have a Fuji j10 with a SSI and a s600 chip as Gary's website says to. When system is started up with switch, I believe it does its normal thing for startup. When I trigger the camera via motion sensor, it will power on the camera, and that's it. It won't take a pic. It then powers down after a few seconds. No pictures are able to be taken through the entire system. I will go and check connections and what not, but just to make sure, this pic axe chip is the correct one, right. S600 program straight from Gary for the Fuji j10.
  3. bowhuntingnut

    Sony P41 Ir Mod

    I've scraped them before, years ago, when others said they couldn't. I also used a compound to help, but I forget what it was. It came off very hard but it was successful, and clear. I just didn't like the idea of no glass, or thinner glass and all kinds of shims. Now I'm working on a black flash to use with it, but time is not on my side. Nice job.
  4. bowhuntingnut

    Very Unique Build

    Sorry to hear about your wife, it's good that you are back at your hobbies, good for your sanity. Nice job on the camera and antlers. I too am finishing up a quick build for the weekend. 1020 case though. Not sure why I like building the small ones, because I just end up putting them in a lock box that defeats the purpose of it being small.
  5. I have the material, and access to lathes to make snorkels. I won't have that access very much longer, and plan to build a bunch of cameras as I go along here. Question is, what dimensions are some of the snorkels for the Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, and Nicon cams that are used in trail cams. I'm not looking to produce any for sale or money, just want to cover some for when I no longer have the lathe to use. Thanks.
  6. bowhuntingnut

    P41 With Led Red Ir Flash Only, No Strobe

    Pic as camera takes it, no b&w.
  7. Here are a few first pics of a p41, flash turned off, 8- 850nm ir 10mm 5 chip leds. The swing set is 30yrds, and the garage is about 50yrds. Camera was sitting on railing with timer set so I wouldn;t be moving it. Led flash held in hand. So far, the led flash is always on, and I am 90% done with the entire circuit that doesn't use the typical slave board. The control board is a ss2, and I have gotten it to trigger a test circuit. Now I just need to hook up the ir flash to it, and see if all the timing is good. I am still playing with number of leds, and so far, all leds are just cramed tight together. Will have to play with angle and such to get full view/flood light coverage.
  8. bowhuntingnut

    Electronics Question

    I think I figured out my diode answer, and I will keep reading. Thanks for the input. I got alot further along my experiment tonight, but my time has run out for a while, got to go back to work tomorrow night, and wont have a night off till christmas. Thanks
  9. bowhuntingnut

    Electronics Question

    If I have a circuit that has a .2 volt drop, what does that equate to? Is just .2 volt or is it called something else? I am trying to figure out if .2 is more then I want. Is there a place where I can learn this stuff. Example: we have amp, ma, mah exc... Also, if my load has a .2 volt drop, what does that equate to in amps/ current draw? the supply volts is 2.71, and when energized, it drops to 2.51. I have always been really good in math, but I seem to be having a little trouble grasping some of this electronics stuff. How do you figure out what diodes one would need to put in parallel with a coil circuit to protect a transistor? Thanks.
  10. bowhuntingnut

    Are Commercial Cameras Catching Up?

    For me, and I will say, that I have not built alot of cams for many reasons, I have mostly built for my needs. I have tried to help others a few times, whenever I could. When I started building, It was because their were only like 2 or 3 commercial units available, and they were terrible. Quality was crap, and most of the time, They failed. Pic quality was only 1.3mp, and always had trouble with them. That got me looking into cams and I found other forums, as well as this one. I built cams, and still am(when I get time), because I have learned what I have, and can. But in all honesty, if commercial cams actually worked good and reliable from the beginning, I would never have gotten into this hobby. In my opinion, why do new comers need to get into the hobby, when there are ALOT of commercial units out there, that will fit their needs. As said earlier, most guys, and I mean most, want cameras just to see what's out there, and aid in their hunting, trapping success. Yes, the hobby is fading a bit, but with the real reasons for using cams, most would just buy off the shelf. For your first build, it's not just the cost of the camera parts, it's the tools and other supplies needed to do it. Some don't want to spend money to get into the hobby. I know most tools can be found pretty cheep, but their still is more involved in doing it. As far as using tried and true cams, I 'm with the classics. I love the p41's for the fixed lens. But, I have neen messing with other cams as well. I hacked a few Sanyos, built a fuji for a buddy. The Sanyos never really worked out. I have messed with a few other video cams besides the dxg's, most have issues because of internal parts used. Point and shoot cams are getting harder to hack because of the switches, and parts used are getting smaller, and smaller, and hacking isn't as freindly as the older cams. That just makes some guys interested , turn away. Just my opinion. I too hope that the products available stay available, and new ones are born, but it will most likely be frome the "experts" that are already doing it. For the Gary's, and Rick's, and Dave's, why did you first get into building/designing? That need is just fading as commercial cams become cheaper and better.
  11. I did my first cam that way, but not with a slave. I had flash bleed, so I now have it flash through the case, and lense through glass. That is a p41, white flash, no slave. I have other clear cases that I want to do the same with. I agree, the less holes through the case, the better.
  12. bowhuntingnut

    Snapshot Sniper Super Spectacular Sale :-)

    Ahhhhgggg!! You guys with sales are killing me. Thanks Gary, order placed.
  13. bowhuntingnut

    15 % Off Sale

    Thanks Ralph, just ordered 2 with some extras.
  14. bowhuntingnut

    P41 Power Up Issue

    Sounds like the batteries are heating something up inside. Good luck finding it. Too many small components to figure out witch is overheating.
  15. bowhuntingnut

    P41 Power Up Issue

    Why don't you solder to the battery tabs?