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  1. 12-Ringer

    Saying Goodbye To Mother

    So sorry for your situation. As great a mom as she is, you are an equlally great son! Stay strong, she knows you're there! Joe
  2. 12-Ringer

    Moose Stuck Out A Bought Camera

    Wow...nice one! Joe
  3. 12-Ringer

    12-ringer ---

    Thanks for reaching out....been an uphill battle...fell in Oct, surgery two weeks later, 6-months later (5/30) needed another surgery as all off the hardware (11-screws and two plates) as it wasn't agreeing with my body. Most have been very encouraging sharing opinions and stories of how "good" it is to get that stuff out of your body. I will say that I generally agree and the pain has all but dropped completely off, but I had to go through all of that rehab again. Shed hunting was a major rehab opportunity for me this winter and I am proud to say that I scored some major finds, especially for my area in PA. Most who know me know I find ways to make lemonade from lemons and the shed hunting was my best effort to do that....here is a thread I started on AT during that time. If you are a member there you can see some of the finds..... http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=2183775 A very interesting and slightly embarrassing/concerning phenomenon had been occurring. If I get more than 20-feet off of the ground I start breaking into a sweat and getting "jumpy". I first noticed this as I was repairing a shutter on the second story of my home. I then began my typical shooting routine and starting shooting from the ladder stand in my yard and it is "weird". I'll get up there and the sweats start....I have never had an issue with heights and I don't actually fear them now or even have any noticeable anxiety, but once up there my body starts acting up a bit. I hope I can get beyond this as many of my sets are at 20-feet, especially those on the KS farm. Thanks again for asking and sorry for not being around all that much. I try to get as much family time in during the summer when the kids are off of school. Joe
  4. 12-Ringer

    Sunset Buck

    WOW...nice! Joe
  5. 12-Ringer

    Toms Prepare For Battle!

    Pretty slick sequence right there.... Joe
  6. 12-Ringer

    I'm A Happy Guy!

    Way to go John, that is an awesome accomplishment....congrats! We still have 18-days left before we can chase them here in PA, but who is counting Congrats again! Joe
  7. 12-Ringer

    Surprised You Pa Guys Haven't Commented On This.

    I won't get too out of hand and tarnish my HH reputation so I'll just share this....I am convinced that the PAGC is the most crooked agency in the state producing none-sensical, overlapping regulations that you virtually need a law degree to understand, but worse yet providing for far too much warden/deputy discretion in the interpretation of these asinine rules. It doesn't surprise me one bit that that they didn't challenge the ruling, because it the regulation IS non-constitutional. It doesn't surprise me one bit it exists, because The Commission continues to believe it is above ALL others.....and In an effort to remain in good standing, I will stop right there.... For AT members....check out this thread to see some of the latest shenanigans they are pulling... http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=2230143 Joe
  8. 12-Ringer

    Ebay Screw Job

    BINGO! Sorry for your situation Befus. Joe
  9. 12-Ringer

    Ssii Addon Boards

    If anyone is sitting on the fence don't, these little guys are pretty sweet - and I know a few have already reached out asking me if the difference is really worth the extra $25 and my response has been the same, it is relative to your needs. It does increase the overall cost of the SSII making it the most expensive board option at this time, but for some that initial response time is important. Thanks JDH - for your time and effort with these.... Joe
  10. 12-Ringer

    Iso P32 Camera

    Bingo - in a sense you end up with two mods - part of the no glass (filing) with part of teh clear glass - I did two, turned out fine, unfortunately I didn't measure how much I filed to report. I did find using the new glass a little frustrating only because gettin the shims on the bottom of the glass in a position that did not effect the picture quality was difficult for me. I am in the process of finalizing a punch of sorts that I can use to punch a square frame out of plexi-board that I am hoping will help. I'll keep everyone posted.. Joe
  11. 12-Ringer

    W100 Table Scrap Pics

    that cat has got some stones.... Joe
  12. 12-Ringer

    Just Doing A Bit Of Bragging....

    Super sweet deal, hope she brings home THE GOLD!!!!! - she must have a loose screw or something - that sport looks CRAZY.......... Joe
  13. 12-Ringer

    Still Kickin

    Yikes....been there man, those stones are the worst....here is a wish that your back to yourself quickly!! joe
  14. 12-Ringer

    Sony H70 F/s

    you have mail....