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    Well i like hunting but not fishing. I like just about any form of racing as long as it has an engine. I love 4wheeling and rock crawling but i don't do it any more. Just like my drag racing i gave it up. Just got to dang expesive for me. I was really hard on my toysLOL. And like everyone else on here i like the outdoors(duh). I'm not married no kids but i have a nephew that i can't wait for him to get a little older. He is 2.
  1. peanut

    Retired Today. Yahoo!

    Congrats Ralph!!!! Enjoy life my friend...ENJOY it!!!!
  2. peanut

    Sunset Buck

    Those are some cool pics Bob!!!
  3. peanut

    Elk Wallow

  4. peanut

    Fp1 Build

    Looks good. Ready to see some pics from it.
  5. peanut

    Checking In

  6. peanut

    Happy Birthday Mattpatt(37)

    Happy birthday Matt!!!!
  7. Nice pics Jim!!! Can I come up and hunt with ya this year!! LOL
  8. peanut


    Happy birthday Befus!!! Hope you have a great day!!
  9. peanut

    S40 Fast Hack Problem

    May have pinched wires when you reassembled the cam. Last s40 I built I did that and had the same on/off problem.
  10. peanut

    S600 Behaving Badly, Need Suggestions

    I tend to agree Don sounds like moisture got to it.
  11. peanut

    Baby Moose

    Good pic!!
  12. peanut

    Deer Trees Coon

    HAHAHA!!! Nice!!
  13. peanut

    W290 Night & Day Video

    Really nice vids!!!
  14. peanut

    Samsung A503 At The Slough

    More nice ones!!!