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  1. My LCD screen was going in and out and after checking all the connections I traced it to a short in the control board connector for the small ribbon cable that comes from the LCD. I thought of repairing it but it is too small to solder so I was going to use a silver pen to try and bridge the broken contacts but now a ribbon cable clamp also broke so I decided to just buy and replace the board if possible. It is P/N: SW-420 complete with ribbon clamps. If anyone could help me out please send me PM. Thanks in advance, Gary
  2. the dome

    Hpwa's Are Black Now

    Here is a picture of a camera I have in for repair I spray mine down with Super 77 (masking off the lens first) and then cover it with the camo tape you wrap your guns with.
  3. the dome

    Jazz Run Time

    IS that with replacing the card? I can only get about 90 minutes on a 2 gig card. No, I have changed cards several times, just was remarking how long between battery changes
  4. the dome

    Jazz Run Time

    I have a Jazz out for 2 months with 2 AA lithiums internals and 2 AA lithiums externals and have over 500 - 30 sec videos and still going. Also using 4 C's for the Array and they have yet to go dead.
  5. the dome

    Jazz Wiring

    If I am seeing that right you are tying in after the small battery board, directly to the leads that supply power to the Jazz main board, I did that to one Jazz unit and it immediately quit working (won't turn on anymore). I figured I burned it out by not running the power thru the small board before the main board of the Jazz unit. Maybe I did something else wrong, anyways now I have one here for spare parts, unless someone can suggest a fix, it will no longer turn on but has power on the board.
  6. the dome

    Original Jazz Lens

    I polished one off, scraped one off and took brake cleaner to one with some polishing and they all had that look after I was done. I did not try to refocus the lens though. May try to break one loose and to see if you can refocus and salvage the original lens.
  7. the dome

    Pelican 1030

    I just bought 4 from them, best price I could find
  8. the dome

    Show Your Jazz Build

    Well here is my 1st of probably many Jazz builds , 12 LED IR in a 1030. I hope to tweak a few items on the second build and may even try to squeeze in a preamp and microphone down the road. For the array I used Clays LEDS and resistors but etched my own board so I could make a 12 LED array that would fit mounted on the outside of the case. Then I made a cover for the array out of WTS 670 IR material, put a lens extension on over the Jazz lens so the Jazz would lay flat in the cover, Snapshot Sniper HPWA Fresnel lens, a covered 3AAA battery holder on the Bigfoot board, 4 C’s for the array and an extra 2 AA in a covered holder for the Jazz aux power and packed in a little foam to keep everything in place. I made a camera hanger for my P41/1020 builds and going to use the same design on this one. It is a pipe thru using a 7/32 aluminum tube and a 3/16” SS shackle to lock it in place, the hanger screws on the tree and the unit locks in the hanger. Jazz/Bigfoot unit works great, I hope I get some decent battery life out if those 4 C’s and the 1030 does make for a tight compact unit.
  9. the dome

    Jazz Build, Daytime Only

    Great looking build, I also working on one in a 1030 case but I am hoping to get 4 C's and a 12 LED array in or on there. I am sure it won't be as clean as this one
  10. the dome

    Solder Guns

    I had bought this Good Solder Station and after forgetting to turn it off a few time the handle broke. I went to order a new handle but they have been out of stock since early December. So I just bought a Cheap Soldering Station to hold me over till the replacement handle becomes available. I like the Cheap Soldering Station better than my more expensive one. $15.00 well worth the money and about the same price as just the handle for the other more expensive station.
  11. the dome

    Selling Units

    I think to most guys here it is not about the money it is about doing it yourself.
  12. the dome

    Jazz Sound Mod

    Has anyone been able to come up with a way to do this? I was wondering if a mosfet might be added somewhere to control the preamp, somewhat like how the IR array is being handled but the preamp would work both day and night.
  13. the dome

    Jazz Sound Mod

    I think this is a neet mod and would like to do this to mine but I have a few of questions first. How do you power the preamp? Extra battery? How do you control the power to the preamp? Wouldn't the BF board have to tell it when to turn on and off to conserve battery power?
  14. the dome

    Fresnel Lens Protection

    I don't think you can cover it with anything , but what if you put a 1 1/2" extension ring about a 1/2" to 3/4" long on the outside of the bear box and the maybe weld a peice of heavy harware cloth or some type of bars over the end of the tube. Seems that might protect the lens but still let it detect light, motion and body heat. Or maybe you could just form some kind of dome out of the hardware cloth and just weld that on the box over the frensel lens hole.