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  1. Cypressbrake

    S600's For Sale

    You still have both of these cameras available? I am interested in both of them.
  2. Cypressbrake


    Check is in the mail.
  3. Cypressbrake

    Sony W55 And Ss2

    How much for the SSII and Fresnal?
  4. Cypressbrake

    Sony P32

    I will take it $25 tmd if you are willing to let it go for that.
  5. Cypressbrake


    Is this build still available? If so pm your paypal account I will take it off your hands.
  6. Cypressbrake

    S600 Power Button Replacement?

    Thank you everyone for helping me on this.
  7. Cypressbrake

    S600 Power Button Replacement?

    Uploaded a picture of what I guess I am really asking. How do I attach it to the small board?
  8. Cypressbrake

    S600 Power Button Replacement?

    Thank you for the idea's but I am a real novice at this and learn as I go so this might be dumb question but there are four little tabs on the switch which ones do I solder too. Does anyone may have a video or diagram to teach me a little easier?
  9. Cypressbrake

    Time Date software

    Sorry to add this on this topic but since I don't have 50 post yet I cannot start a post on my own. I am wondering if any one can tell me how to replace the power button on a s600? I have bought a tact switch but am looking for a little help on how to replace it. thanks Gerrit
  10. Cypressbrake

    Camtrakker Cameras

    Thank you guys for the information
  11. Cypressbrake

    Camtrakker Cameras

    I was giving about 6 camtrakkers to look at repairing. The man that gave them to me said that the company went out of business and he really likes these cameras. Does anyone know anything about the boards that are in them?
  12. Cypressbrake

    Another New Guy

    Good luck on the new Addiction!
  13. Cypressbrake

    Memory Cards

    Thanks but I have found some.
  14. Cypressbrake

    Memory Cards

    Thank you for the information.
  15. I am looking for some good 512 or 1 gig Memory sticks or pro duo's and the adapters for reasonable price. I would like about 20 or so. Thank you.