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  1. bowhuntr09

    Flash Gaskets

    I emailed him Sunday and heard back from him last night. He sent me and email saying he had lenty of them in stock. I placed my order last night. He is around. I'm sure he is still busy after his move and he no longer has broadband so he is probably not online as much since he has to use dialup.
  2. bowhuntr09

    256 MB Memory Stick Pro...where?

    Yep, I know that is always an option. I was just hoping maybe some major chain I could walk in might have them. I'm building a camera for a friend for Christmas and I thought it would be nice to set him up with memory cards and rechargables too while I was at it. getting a little close to crunch time for shipping.
  3. Anybody know a source for the 256MB sticks? All I seem to be able to locate are the large capacity sticks.
  4. bowhuntr09

    order status

    I placed an order last week and PM'd him a couple days later to be sure he got and he sent me a PM yesterday saying it was shipping today.
  5. bowhuntr09

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY headnurse69

    Happy Birthday Headnurse! Gonna have a cold one now that you are legal?
  6. This area does not have a large population of bears, but I suspected one was around when I kept finding my feeders destroyed so I put cameras on them to see what was doing the damage. It stinks to haul corn to your feeder to find the 5 gallon bucket either missing or completely destroyed. I'm hoping for a little payback come fall!
  7. bowhuntr09

    dry fire

    Anything from cracked limbs to bent cams, for your own safety do not draw or shoot it anymore until you have it checked by a dealer.
  8. bowhuntr09

    P-41 battery drain

    I'll give it a shot. I have 256MB cards so I'll see if I can fill one up. I could swap a P-32 in, but isn't the an issue in the SA where the wires are crossed between a P-32 and a P-41?
  9. bowhuntr09

    P-41 battery drain

    I don't think moisture is a problem either. I have had the metal type dessicant pack in the case from day one and it very rarely needs to go in the oven to be recharged. I think the case is sealed pretty tight. It's probably the SA, but its getting old having to keep messing with this one cam all the time. My three others worked fine first time and perform well in the woods, this is frustrating!
  10. bowhuntr09

    P-41 battery drain

    I have them taped pretty good and the cam has been a poor performer since day one. I dont think it's shorting at the solder points. There is no pressure on the back of the cam, it's mounted on a plexiglass shelf and held in place by a screw through the plexiglass into the tripod mount hole. The camera probably would not stay togethr though if I took the screws out of it because of the shutter assembly and the tape on top of it. Ithink it would force it apart some.
  11. bowhuntr09

    P-41 battery drain

    I make sure I turn the LCD off on all my cams. The settings match the published lists here. Af Mode : Single Digital Zoom: Precision Date/Time: Off Red Eye: Off AF Illuminator: Off Auto review: Off LCD Backlight: Normal Beep: Off Camera: Program EV:OEV Focus: Infinity White Bal: Auto ISO: Auto Pic Quality: Fine REC Mode: Normal Flash Level : + PFX: Off
  12. bowhuntr09

    P-41 battery drain

    OK guys (and you too Headnurse ), I have a P-41 / BG-1 that I have had for about a year and a half or from whenever the P-41 was first released. It has never performed well. I have left it in the woods for a month or more and at most have had only 7 or 8 pictures at a time and the last two times I have checked it I have had zero pics and in all instances the batteries were dead. I am using PowerEx rechargables and all batteries get rotated between 4 of my cams and they seem to work fine in all the others (with all others being P-32's). I have reseated the shuter assembly several times and still get the same results, except the most recent reseating has resulted in zero pics and dead batteries. The camera settings have been checked, checked, and checked again. If I just set the camera up here at the house it seems to do fine as far as test pics. What gives? What can I check? I do have a voltage meter but I'll be damned if I know what to check with it. I built these myself but when it comes to the electrical side of things I was doing good just to read the docs here and get the basics done. Anyone have any ideas???
  13. bowhuntr09

    What do you do for a living?

    server admin for local government.
  14. bowhuntr09

    BG1 LED keeps flashing

    I checked my cams Saturday and replaced the camera batteries and swapped memory cards. As I was leaving the woods later that afternoon after the evening hunt and passing within sight of one of my cams I kept seeing a flashing red LED. I wasn't sure what was wrong but I think I remember reading here that the BG1 will flash that way if the 9v is getting low ( I didn't have a spare to replace that ). Is it true that the BG1 will flash this way if the 9v is low or do I have another problem? I really wish it didn't flash this way....makes it too easy for dishonest people to find my cams!!! Is there a way to disable it if its just a low battery indicator?