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  1. I received my items also. Thank you Gary.
  2. I just wanted to let everyone know what a stand up guy treetop is. I'm sure many of you already know! I haven't received them yet, but Dave has sent me several lcd screens for my dead P41. I offered to pay him, but he refused. Thanks Dave for keeping an old P41 alive.
  3. newview

    Wtb P41 Back Screen

    Thank you for the offer Crandall, but i actually need the 1.6" Casio viewing screen. It is the ribbon to the viewing screen that tore. I must have tore it trying to line up the stereo jack in the hole putting the camera back together.
  4. newview

    Wtb P41 Back Screen

    Thank's Dave. I know parts for the P41 have become scarce!
  5. newview

    Wtb P41 Back Screen

    Yep; it's the Casio screen and L shaped ribbon that tore. I guess my description wasn't very clear. I'd be happy to pay for one if you have it.
  6. newview

    Wtb P41 Back Screen

    Thank's for the offer Dave. I didn't know the ribbon could be disconnected from the Casio screen itself. I'm lucky to disconnect them from the board without ruining them.
  7. I tore the large ribbon cable to the view screen on my P41. If anybody has a good one; please let me know.
  8. newview

    Builds For Sale

    I received the cam yesterday. Great build at a great price!
  9. newview

    Denatured Alchohol

    Any good hardware store.
  10. newview

    Tracking System For Your Trail Cams

    Will the gps work inside a pelican case? Sometimes the gps in my truck won't work until i pull out of the garage. Same with sirius satalite.
  11. newview


    Check completed listings for dsc-p41. You should be able to see what people have paid in the last month.
  12. newview

    Yeti Board Trouble

    I haven't got back to the camera yet, but i'll bet you're right. It had been a while since i've done a P41, and i forgot all about the common and power switched. This is what makes this site so great! Thank you very much.
  13. newview

    Yeti Board Trouble

    I've got a Yeti that i simply can't figure out. I have a P41 with the 5 wire servo for the external power. The 3 wires to the servo seem to work fine shorting across the ends of the connector. The second i put the connector on the board the camera will power up, but you can't power it off. If you remove the connector with the camera still powered on; then connect to the board again the camera will turn off and i can't power it on manually. All of this happens with the board not connected to any power at all. Just simply connecting the connector to the board out of the build. I know it's acting like the shutter and power are reversed, but the board says P-PC--S-SC. The connector has power to P, common to PC, and shutter to S. There is a short wire on the connector for the SC that i don't use with the 3 wire hack. Any help would be appreciated. This has me stumped.