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  1. bkieffer

    Big Bear

    I sent you a PM Bob
  2. bkieffer

    Big Bear

    That' one BIG bear !! are those pineapple rings hung for bait ?
  3. bkieffer

    Wide Angle Fresnal Lens

    By bending the two studs together & apart the bracket will break in half & come out in two pieces with no damage to the lens .
  4. bkieffer

    30 Gauge Wire

    I'm going to order some wire forom this outfit. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Stranded-UL-10...=item19e8b9dc54 Bill Thanks for the link I was needing some 26 ga. also solder that supplier gives fast response & is cheap !!
  5. bkieffer

    Control Board For Slave Flash

    Ralph Davis's slave boards are inexpensive & very effective !! http://rcdavisgamecamerasolutions.weebly.c...ler-boards.html
  6. bkieffer

    Too Many Bears

    Bob I have been telling you for years that those bears are going to be your demise , so get out of there while you still can !!
  7. Great stuff Bob you live in trail cam heaven !!!
  8. bkieffer

    A Couple Of Nice Pics.

    Magnificent buck & photo Bob !!
  9. bkieffer

    Safari Board Videos

    No that camera does everything you can imagine I have three different flash boxes already for it . Two controll boards Garys LCD & Ralph's Safari included is time laps , all is done with switching & different cables ,about pulled my hair out figuring out the wiring to get it all to work !!!
  10. bkieffer

    Safari Board Videos

    Ralph this is a pic of the cam on the that video set . I will not show the inside of the case or talk about code that is not mine !!
  11. bkieffer

    Safari Board Videos

    The Camera is at two ft. & the array was mounted at about 4 1/2 ft. With the remote safari controll at about 15 in.
  12. This is a few clips of my Safari Powered Canon 70D , this was its maiden run since we got the code they way we wanted . The board has the mosfet packer on to run the 160 LED white array , talk about light the farther doe is 30 ft. The weather was stormy & I caught some lighting flashes also .
  13. bkieffer

    Sunset Buck

    Beautiful pics Bob !!
  14. bkieffer

    Canon Pic's

    Why can't I post my Canon 70D pics here at HAGS ? I resize them to 1040 X 768 the same size I use at CT but I always get & error 404 page ?? Would love too share pics but I am not going to resize more than once for the forums .
  15. bkieffer

    W290 Night & Day Video

    This is the one I like ! http://www.ebay.com/itm/221233950594?ssPag...984.m1497.l2648