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  1. crumbe

    Hey Boys

    Things have been good...thanks all for asking. I have just been busy with everything else you can think of. Two little ones have taken a huge amount of time. I guess its not excuse not to at least stop in from time to time. I can tell ya one thing though. I though maybe I might try a couple of store bought cameras this year. I got to see some pics taken with one I was looking at...holy cow...once you make your own the way you want them its very hard to find one that can compare. I just have not had the time to build any for a while.
  2. crumbe

    Hey Boys

    Have not been here for a while.... Just thought I would stop in and say hi!!!
  3. Thanks guys for the bumps...I appreciate it. Slave is sold.... The camera is Sold pending payment.... I have a Finished DXG Im going to put on in a day or two also.
  4. Still just have to much stuff laying around. I am selling a nice IR P41 with ext C's. The case has pipe through and the upgraded seal. BF Trail Master Board. I will include (2) 512 Memory cards. The BF board is a little slanted as seen in pics....it worked just fine like that. It has a BF pre-aligned WA fresnal. $175 TYD IR Ext Slave in a 1030. This runs off of 4 C's. BF Slave master. I cant remember if this is a 2000 or 2800. Works great. $100 TYD These work great together. I will take 250$ for both. Paypal is accepted. PM me for any questions. I also have a finished DXG with a BF array/ext mic with switch so you can hear the play back in the field that I am going to sell as soon as I can get some pics of it to post. I will take $225 for it. Thanks Ted
  5. Good to hear guys....glad everything is going smoothly so far....the person at the PO looked at me like I was crazy walking up there with so many packages!!! If you have any questions....PM me or email me......crumbe@verizon.net. Email is faster at this time
  6. Everything went out Friday...except the rope ratchets and picaxe cable and the seals... Im still waiting for payment on the seals.....Everything else is bought and paid for...except the Antennas and the hacked DXG.
  7. The rope ratchets, the Picaxe kit and the Antennas are also available...
  8. I have the hacked DXG right now that is left.... It is hacked IR with external power and Audio.....needs a piece of tape to hold in the SD card.....
  9. Well...there was supposed to be....guess I missed it.... It is SPP right now
  10. DXG and the Slavemaster are still available... The rope ratchets and rope gaskets may be gone...but if someone wants to be next in line just in case let me know. Everything that has been paid for will go out Friday
  11. Wow....my head is spinning....I had no idea this stuff would go so fast... I think I have everything straight.... As far as I can tell right now...the only think I have left is the two antenna's Some things are Sold Pending payment right now....Im going to give it a while and let the dust settle... Thanks to everyone....Im not done with this stuff....just need to lay off for a while...to much going on with a 2 year old and 5 month old in the house . thanks again.
  12. Ok....I started to get so many offers on stuff....I decided to go ahead and sell everything instead of waiting to sell every all in one sell... so everything is going now...
  13. The jazz may be sold already.....waiting on snwbrdr to get back..... if not it is your if you want it......I am not sure about the lens...I would think so since the replacement lens is just screwed in for the hack.