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  1. RSB

    Speaking Of Ebay Frustrations

    Never heard that before, I sold a item last week he paid and I shipped it. It will be delivered tomorrow and I had the money transferred to my bank already. So no feedback yet. I do not leave the money in PayPal, just the way I do it!
  2. RSB

    Gtk Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!!
  3. RSB

    Happy Birthday Gunrunr298

    Happy Birthday!!
  4. Alacrity Internet Bandwidth Test 1st Result: Download Speed: 4976 kbps Upload Speed: 266 kbps Latency: 51 ms 2nd Result: Download Speed: 5690 kbps Upload Speed: 256 kbps Latency: 53 ms
  5. Caught a few today my Dad and I got 10 reds, 1 speck, 1 black drum and 1 flounder. We cleaned 4 reds before I remembered to take a pic.
  6. RSB

    Latest Pics/vids

    Great pics. Lots of game!
  7. That is really a great gift, Thank him for his service.
  8. RSB

    Albino Racoon

    Never seen that before,good pics.
  9. RSB

    Cheap Sd Cards

    Thanks, looks like a good buy.
  10. RSB

    New To Hag's House Forum

    Welcome to Hags.
  11. RSB

    Non-lethal Arrow Options?

    That should be the best way, or the long ride.