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  1. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    Bump. Still available
  2. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    The last time I had it out it worked good.
  3. BowmanPa

    Selling out

  4. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    Ok. Any way I could get your email? Pictures I have when I try to upload them says they are too big or unless you can tell me how to upload them.
  5. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    If you would do $175 + shipping you have a deal.
  6. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    Open to reasonable offers!!!
  7. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    Bump $200
  8. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    Bump!!! $225
  9. I have not been on since 2017 and have not built any cams since before that. I am selling everything I have. I have a tackle box that I use for my supplies. I have 4 P32s, 2 will not stay powered up. I have a hacked S600, complete s600 build Have wires, shrink tube, round glass for lens, 2 SSII controllers never used, foam, a new case, 4 P52s 2 works, P41, have Pro sticks, crimpers and pins to make your own servo connectors, new seal rope, flash units, on/off switches for P32/P52, 2 case hangers. I am sure I missed other stuff but selling as a lot. Have everything in packed in the tackle box to ship. Well over $350 worth of stuff Asking $250 shipped obo. I have a lot of pictures but won't let me load them. Can send them to you when requested or if I figure out how to put them on.
  10. BowmanPa

    P32 Build Older Ss Board

    Thanks guys... I found out I had a bad battery and when I replaced it everything started working how I remember it should.... Man has it been a long time since I messed with a build.
  11. Been a long time since I have posted or asked question but a friend of mine asked me to look at a build I did for him a few years ago. It is a P32 with the older SS board that has the 9v battery mounted to it. My question is how long the red light blinks before it arms the board. When I first turn it on it keeps blinking and will not arm the board. Thanks in advance.
  12. BowmanPa

    Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to stop buy and say I have no forgotten about anyone just been busy. I hope everyone had a wonderful 2015 and hopefully so far having a Great 2016. Trying to get myself some time o work on a build but been out of the build loop for a few years. I will try to not be a stranger as much as I have been. Later, Emmett