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  1. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    Open to reasonable offers!!!
  2. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    Bump $200
  3. BowmanPa

    Selling out

    Bump!!! $225
  4. I have not been on since 2017 and have not built any cams since before that. I am selling everything I have. I have a tackle box that I use for my supplies. I have 4 P32s, 2 will not stay powered up. I have a hacked S600, complete s600 build Have wires, shrink tube, round glass for lens, 2 SSII controllers never used, foam, a new case, 4 P52s 2 works, P41, have Pro sticks, crimpers and pins to make your own servo connectors, new seal rope, flash units, on/off switches for P32/P52, 2 case hangers. I am sure I missed other stuff but selling as a lot. Have everything in packed in the tackle box to ship. Well over $350 worth of stuff Asking $250 shipped obo. I have a lot of pictures but won't let me load them. Can send them to you when requested or if I figure out how to put them on.
  5. BowmanPa

    P32 Build Older Ss Board

    Thanks guys... I found out I had a bad battery and when I replaced it everything started working how I remember it should.... Man has it been a long time since I messed with a build.
  6. Been a long time since I have posted or asked question but a friend of mine asked me to look at a build I did for him a few years ago. It is a P32 with the older SS board that has the 9v battery mounted to it. My question is how long the red light blinks before it arms the board. When I first turn it on it keeps blinking and will not arm the board. Thanks in advance.
  7. BowmanPa

    Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to stop buy and say I have no forgotten about anyone just been busy. I hope everyone had a wonderful 2015 and hopefully so far having a Great 2016. Trying to get myself some time o work on a build but been out of the build loop for a few years. I will try to not be a stranger as much as I have been. Later, Emmett
  8. BowmanPa

    Checking In

    Hey everyone. How's it going, good here.
  9. BowmanPa

    Checking In

    Hey everyone! Been a long time since I checked in and just wanting to let you all know I am still kicking. Been having a lot of issues as of late. I have been getting what they call Ocular Migraines that cause my eyes to go wacky and causes me to sleep for a couple of days at a time when I get them. I am taking meds to help with them but sometimes meds don't work out like they should. I have not built a trail cam in over 2 years and just have stuff in drawers. I hope everyone is doing fine. I'll keep checking in from time to time.
  10. BowmanPa

    It's Been A While

    Congrads Ron to you and your new wife...... I am glad to hear you are ok and doing better.... I pop in from time to time and had not seen you on her Ron so I was wondering if things were ok. Get better and also wear your safety glasses when grinding.
  11. BowmanPa

    Saying Goodbye To Mother

    Befus sorry I have not been on for awhile... Sorry for your lose but know your mom is not suffering anymore and is watching over you.
  12. BowmanPa

    Checking In

    Thanks everyone... Jon her team won 3 National championships last season and this season has just started.... First compatition is Nov. 2.
  13. BowmanPa

    Checking In

    Just wanted to check in and say hi everyone.... Have not been doing Cams for awhile and don't know when or if I will build anymore... Hope everything is good for all....
  14. BowmanPa


    Thanks guys..... Phantom I have been waiting them but I would Hurt myself if I tried any of their moves..... Coach wants to do a parent team next year but I said no way....
  15. BowmanPa


    Well my daughter's cheerleading season came to an end this weekend and they went out in style With another win at CDExtreme The Finale... These girls were amazing this season and I for one am looking forward to next year.... Tennessee was awesome and loved the moonshine, whisky tasting but know ready to head home...