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  1. egbertdavis

    Old topics "throwing an error"

    I tried to view a couple of threads the one about the Jazz DV159 and the DXG 125 and it said it was "throwing an error" Cannot read anything. Is there a fix?
  2. egbertdavis

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    This is just heartbreaking. Our prayers for the family.
  3. egbertdavis

    Kwikee Quiver Male bracket

    It was not through one of our vendors if I recall correctly. I do seem to recall an issue with them being pirated by someone else. I wish I'd known you needed it, I had some extra I could have thrown in the box.
  4. egbertdavis

    Clearance sale cont

    Item # 20 Unhacked S40 White screen issue. $25.
  5. Item # 18 Unhacked P32 $40 Item #19 Unhacked P32 $40.
  6. egbertdavis

    Clearance sale cont

    Item # 16 Unhacked S600 $50 Item #17 Unhacked P41 $50
  7. Item #15 S600 camera fast hacked with external power. $60
  8. egbertdavis

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    New of Chris' death hit me hard. We spent hours upon hours talking on the phone about everything from cameras, to people to politics. He was one of the most insightful, bright yet humble men I have ever known. Most of the significant advances in homebrewing are a direct consequence of his insight and involvement. He loved his wife dearly and I hope she is doing well. God bless and rest in peace Chris!
  9. Item #14 1040 2800 IR Slave flash. Works well. $30.
  10. egbertdavis

    Clearance sale cont

    Item #13 - Consists of three items: 1. S200IR build in a 1060. I've never gotten it to work correctly and it goes through power quickly slave would not fire today not sure what the issue is. 2. DXG 567 build/1040 probably needs a new camera and a good cleaning. Has an IR exchanger. 3. DXG 125v build in a 1060. Just the internal parts of the 125v camera, not the outside case with a BF board and most of what you need to complete the build. All three builds for $100.00.
  11. egbertdavis

    Clearance sale cont

    Item #11 DXG 125v/1060 it has an experimental sound board, but I never liked it. No exchanger, but I used that experimental filter over the IR conversion to try to get some color during the day. BF boad and the triple A battery holder probably needs to be replaced as it does not hold them well. $65
  12. Item # 10 S600/1040/Yeti - really nice build, but the camera is not consistent. It will turn on independently, but not always when hooked up to the board. $50.
  13. egbertdavis

    Clearance sale cont

    Item #9 Slave - vivitar 2800 in a 1030 - may need a new board. It will not turn on. $20
  14. Item #8 W290 in a 1060 with a 2800 slave, but it needs the new slavemaster board. SS2 board camera display is disabled at the hack to conserve energy. You will need a cord to hook it up to the tv to complete the settings in the camera. Not included. This is one of my favorite builds. $60