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  1. Hi, do you have any bigfoot boards or SS11 boards that you no longer need and would like to sell? Doesn't matter what they are programmed for as i can put my own onto them. Also after kit98 pre amp boards. Naturally I pay shipping as they need to go to Australia . Thanks, regards John 

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    2. egbertdavis


      The cheapest shipping price is via a USPS medium flat rate box.  $75.95

    3. Jonnie Wilson

      Jonnie Wilson

      Ghoot uses plastic mail bags and puts the box inside the bag. Last one I got had control boards, tube of goop and 8 fresnal and it cost just over $14. Sometimes he sends more than one of the envelopes to keep shipping cost down. If you can let me know actual shipping before you send as it might not be worthwhile. The $90 I just sent you actually cost me $126 AU.  Thanks. 

    4. egbertdavis


      the shipping label number (I assume the tracking number) is:  CV052655128US.  I threw in as many batter holders and some extras that would fit in the case and the box.  There is a lens with a built in exchanger and a couple exchanger boards, some circular arrays etc.  I will ship it out on Wednesday, if not sooner.  

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