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  1. imbucky

    Arrow cut off saw

    Can you repost? I need directions and pictures? Thanks!
  2. imbucky

    No Trespassing Sign-trail Cams

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone else saw some of these No Trespassing signs for sale? They said, "No Trespassing-continuous camera monitoring" and had a picture of a trail cam on them? If anyone knows where to look can you please send me in the right direction? Thanks!
  3. OK, taking offers, need to ship these Monday!
  4. I have 2 used memory sticks; Lexar 512 Magicgate Memory Stick Pro Lexar 512 memory Stick Pro Duo. Taking best offers! Please PM me!
  5. woops, looked at completed listings on Ebay... Now taking offers!!
  6. I have some used memory sticks, Sony Magicgate 512 and 1 GB for sale. 512's are $25 each and 1GB are $30 each TYD NOT DUO's!
  7. I had a number of cameras that I never even put out last year and I can use some extra cash for some land I juts bought (and some fine tuning on that camaro!) I had these built by Dave Butter from here on Hag's. I'm not sure what he used on the internal parts but these have always been reliable. I paid $400 each for them because of the setup. Here are some pictures from them... Butter cams 1 Butter cam 2 Butter cam 4 (touched the lens so it was blurry-below zero pictures) Butter cam 4-below zero pics