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      Prayers for a longtime Member   11/05/2017

      The Church mass shooting that happened today, was Peggy Wardens Church. She was one of the people killed today and her grandson was shot in the arm and is in surgery. Lets keep her in our thoughts and prayers. I made a topic in the "Cabin" I will keep everyone updated as I get information.


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  1. P41 shutter problem

    I think I will wait until I get home to try it. the soldering tip here is way to big for something that tiny. 2 of them tested good with meter . 3rd one didn't.
  2. P41 shutter problem

    Gotcha , is there a tutorial showing how to bridge across? Going check with meter now.
  3. P41 shutter problem

    Yes the sticker is there and I see fuses , but I'm not sure I can change those tiny fuses out. Yes the plug I pulled was little red and black wire with white connector going to shutter motor. And yes I verified that the door went far enough to lift the small white switch when opened.
  4. P41 shutter problem

    Ok I did that . Is there a fuse inside someplace cause now camera won't power on. I did have batteries out while doing this.
  5. P41 shutter problem

    I have a P41 that powers up ,lcd screen is clear . Shutter does not open. Camera was working fine prior to this.