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  1. SuthurnHunter

    P41 shutter problem

    I think I will wait until I get home to try it. the soldering tip here is way to big for something that tiny. 2 of them tested good with meter . 3rd one didn't.
  2. SuthurnHunter

    P41 shutter problem

    Gotcha , is there a tutorial showing how to bridge across? Going check with meter now.
  3. SuthurnHunter

    P41 shutter problem

    Yes the sticker is there and I see fuses , but I'm not sure I can change those tiny fuses out. Yes the plug I pulled was little red and black wire with white connector going to shutter motor. And yes I verified that the door went far enough to lift the small white switch when opened.
  4. SuthurnHunter

    P41 shutter problem

    Ok I did that . Is there a fuse inside someplace cause now camera won't power on. I did have batteries out while doing this.
  5. SuthurnHunter

    P41 shutter problem

    I have a P41 that powers up ,lcd screen is clear . Shutter does not open. Camera was working fine prior to this.