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  1. jgreg

    Hag's House Ownership

    I have not been on site in a very long time. When I discovered it The camaraderie was awesome and I made some good friends and we had some awesome contributors. I wish we could all dig up something to make this site as passionate as it used to be but as things go we get older and continue to plod along and find new passions such as grandchildren That being said I may try to revive some of my cameras or just look at them and remember the fun and hours I used to stay on and enjoy this site Thanks to everyone Jim Gregory
  2. jgreg

    Bf Board Question

    What about running 3 : 1.2 volt eneloops 2400 mah which would lacy longer than standard batteries but just a little less voltage but a lot more durable?
  3. jgreg

    Bf Board Question

    How did u sand it? Thanks Jim
  4. U mailed out sticks yet? Thanks Jim
  5. Have you sent the sticks out yet thanks jim
  6. Might as well throw in that last card and u will b done with it all Lol Thanks Jim
  7. money in paypal check ur account Thanks Jim
  8. Please let me know when you receive pay pal Thanks Jim sent pm with my mailing address
  9. money for pro duo s coming ur way
  10. lost ur paypal adress please send thanks Jim
  11. jgreg

    Log In

    I have been able to view I just thought I might be able to differently Thanks Jim
  12. jgreg

    Log In

    When viewing. Hags on my cell phone How can I get on hags without typing my username and password each time I visit Thanks Jim
  13. How much for 6 pro duo Thanks Jim
  14. Best price on aaa and aa Also best price on c and d charger Please let me know Jim