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  1. livz2hunt

    Going Out Of Building Sale

    $150.00 takes it all. Surely it's worth that.
  2. livz2hunt

    Going Out Of Building Sale

    What, no one interested in any of this? No one building cameras anymore? Out of style? Offers?
  3. I am selling my home brews all in one lot. I would rather sell them all to one person and not have to ship multiple boxes. I have one working fully functional camera and it is a P41 with a bigfoot board inside of a pelican 1040 pipethru. P41/bigfoot trailmaster inside a pelican 1040 pipe through design includes a python cable lock. The rest are listed below 2- Plano 1425's predrilled for a pipe through and P32 cameras 1- P41 camera which does everything except flash, non-hacked 1- P41 with Bigfoot Trail Master pipe through Pelican 1060. Camera will work independently, but control board wont turn on the camera. 1- P41 with yeticam control board inside a pelican 1040 pipe through. Camera works independently, but control board wont turn it on. Selling whole lot as is. $250.00 Firm
  4. livz2hunt

    Bigfoot Controllers

    I've been away from camera building a while. What happened to the Hagshouse store and the Bigfoot control boards as well as bfoutdoors?
  5. Both cams sold pending payment.
  6. Come on someone make an offer for the P41 cam.
  7. I have too many cameras and have decided to decided to part with a couple of my trail cams. One is a P41 controlled by a Yeti board inside a Skyline dipped camo Pelican 1040 case with pipe-thru design and a wide angle fresnal. I'm asking $210.00 shipped. The second camera is a P32 controlled by a Bigfoot board inside a Pelican 1040 pipe-thru design with a wideangle fresnal. This camera has a custom paint job. It's never been in the woods. I am asking $160.00 shipped. I believe these are fair prices. Both cameras work perfectly with very little use.
  8. livz2hunt

    Sony P32's For Sale All Sold

    All sold pending payment. Thanks!
  9. livz2hunt

    Sony P32's For Sale All Sold

    2 sold.............One still for sale. Thanks!
  10. 3 Sony p32's for sale. All good condition, unhacked. $50.00 ea. shipped. Postal Money orders and personal checks ok. Add 2.00 for each if using paypal. Thanks!
  11. livz2hunt

    Looking For A Bf P32 Board.

    I've been out of the camera "building" loop for a while. Where has "BigFoot" gone? Wouldn't he have some boards?
  12. livz2hunt

    For Sale

    All pm's answered. Both P41's are sold pending payment. I still have the P32's for sale.
  13. livz2hunt

    For Sale

    1 P41 sold. pm answered.
  14. I have two P41's and two P32's for sale. Had planned on building some cams, but will not have the time. I am asking $90.00 ea. for the P41's and $50.00 ea. for the P32's Price includes shipping costs. All the cameras are fully functional, unhacked, with minor scratches. Please pay by Postal Money Order or personal check. Thanks!