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  1. SouthernStyle

    Happy Birthday Treetop!

    Belated Happy Birthday old friend
  2. SouthernStyle

    Southernstyle Is Celebrating His Birthday Today

    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Getting to close to the big 4 0 to be comfortable! Ram - Archery was ok, took 2 does and a 9 pt, missed one hog. Rifle season has been the pits with all the rain, flooding and warm weather in Dec. My best place was flooded most of Dec and so far in Jan. Some good deer along the Big Black, better than where I hunt for sure. Have hunted less this year than most years... :(
  3. SouthernStyle

    2008 Archery Buck

    Congrats CB, that's an awesome bowkill! Is it just the lighting or is the left side of his rack really that much darker than the right? Again, congrats!
  4. SouthernStyle

    Ok All You Regular Members, Check In!

    First time I've been on in a few months and I saw this post. I too just lurk a little bit from time to time. I bought a Jazz and led board (Jag's) quite some time ago and haven't even looked up the mods to put it all together :( Still work for ATT as a project manager but am burned out with the job and the bureaucracy.
  5. SouthernStyle

    Sources Of Your Trading/investing Information

    I'd pretty much agree with that, although I do like Larry Kudlow (my favorite economist)
  6. I thought it my be interesting to know what each of us uses as their primary sources of active trading/investing information. For myself: Software: Worden's TC2007 for technical analysis (I subscribe to the end of day data, not the real-time Platinum; I have Quicken but do not use it as much anymore as the online trading sites have improved their performance tracking over the years. Newspaper: Investor's Business Daily - electronic version (eIBD). It's a great source in my opinion. Magazines: None Websites/Online Trading: Bigcharts.com, E*Trade, Scottrade and Fidelity. Also subscribe to American Association of Individual Investors TV: CNBC's early morning shows along with Jim Cramer's Mad Money & FastMoney (don't watch them every day though); sometimes Fox's Bulls & Bears on Saturday if I'm home.
  7. SouthernStyle

    Newest Trailcam Builds

    As always, very nice work Dan!
  8. SouthernStyle

    Home Made Arrow Wraps

    Like Rolando said... I think the Avery vinyl sign material is what most folks use. There are some guys on Archery Talk that sell them fairly cheap (if you just want plain ones w/o some design on them.
  9. SouthernStyle

    07 Bow Buck

    Congratulations Jason!
  10. SouthernStyle

    New Ir Arrays Will Be Available Shortly

    Paypal sent!
  11. SouthernStyle

    Happy Birthday Obh

    Happy Birthday Dan!
  12. SouthernStyle


    Thanks guys.... I'm getting old and grumpy like HH
  13. SouthernStyle

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys!
  14. SouthernStyle

    Bear Rug

    That's Super Nice TBH!
  15. SouthernStyle

    Need A Light Weight, Easy To Use Centerfire Rifle

    I'd vote for the 7mm-08 in a youth model.