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  1. Like it says there is an assortment, you wil get it all, with a great offer. Transaction Paypal If the offers good enough i will cover shipping in the states Getting out of the cam building Theres more resistors, heat shrink, might be some led's
  2. dmach8

    Landscapes And Such

    Nice, Thanks for sharing.
  3. dmach8

    Landscapes And Such

    Nice, Thanks for sharing.
  4. dmach8


    Have one for muzzle loader This was a different one, just starting to chase the does in this spot
  5. dmach8

    2012 Photo Contest

    I guess I can start, this was my first ever on a cam. Fox climbing a tree
  6. dmach8

    He's Still Around

    Great looking buck...
  7. dmach8

    Prayers For Flintlocker

    Thoughts and prayers sent!
  8. dmach8

    Ever Have A Build Like This?

    As always record it with video to entertain us
  9. I am sure everyone is using bigger cards, i have these laying around, i dont use them, make me an offer i cant refuse..
  10. dmach8

    What Do You Think Of This

    Well my parents had to put down there dog so a couple weeks later they took the remaining food out and dumped in front of this camera, mostly coons and a few fox pics, both red and grey. I had pictures of the coons in the tree, I didnt see anything in the group to lead me to believe there was a coon in the tree but the both were eating together so i wouldnt think it was going up a tree for the coon
  11. *SOLD* I have a 512 mb and a 256mb and the adapter insert as shown, How about $15 paypal to me.. Thanks
  12. dmach8

    Weekend Of Fun

    Sounds like a great weekend!!!