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  1. dorkygrin

    Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    I was one of the many people that Chris helped years ago. I was thinking of him today and sadly, just read of his passing. He was a great guy and inspiration in all that I did and continue to do today. I hope peace has come to the family and that they realize all of the lives he touched.
  2. dorkygrin

    Raspberry Pi Anyone?

    This is cool stuff. Any recent activity using RasPi for automated uploads?
  3. My Jazz camera died. Do I need to get my Bigfoot board reprogrammed to run a pretty pink DXG?
  4. dorkygrin

    Eyefi Sd Card

    Anyone ever used one of these wireless SD cards to get pics/video from their Jazz or DXG? It would be nice to not physically touch the camera. Obviously would take being in a wifi area. And would likely eat batteries. But I'm grooving on the concept..... http://www.eye.fi/
  5. dorkygrin


    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ron.
  6. That is seriously one of the best works of art I've seen. Loved every post. Congratulations on your beautiful cabin !
  7. dorkygrin

    Tables And Dresser

    That's some good looking furniture. With all the money you saved, you can buy that bandsaw !
  8. dorkygrin

    Electronics 123 Exchanger Working Voltages

    Joe - is your scope an automotive scope? Probably not an inexpensive item for a poor home hobbyist....but I'd like to have one!
  9. dorkygrin

    I'm Back

    Thanks Chris, good to be here! Let me know if you run across something like I described.
  10. dorkygrin

    I'm Back

    Hi guys, I'm back. Nice to see many of the old names but real sad to read about the fellas that have moved to a better place. I'm in the process of acquiring a property near the Allegheny river. Likely no electricity, but possible slow internet if I can build a strong antenna. Would like to remotely have a DXG build upload video to somewhere (internet, DVR, etc) so I don't have to be there onsite or climb the tree to pull the memory card. Any ideas on how I could build this? Thanks! Jchick
  11. dorkygrin

    Dyi Remote Ip Cam

    Has anyone done anything more on this project? I am buying some property with no electricity...and no cell phone access. Open to ideas about sending the picture/video to a PC or some kind of DVR for later viewing/downloading. Thanks! J
  12. dorkygrin

    Scheduled Upload

    That gives me some ideas. Nothing solid yet, but worth digging into. Thanks!
  13. dorkygrin

    Scheduled Upload

    Help me not reinvent the wheel. I'd like to periodically upload pics and video from my trailcam to a PC or to the web. That way I don't have to go pull the memory card and manually transfer pics. I have a trailcam that is close enough to get a WIFI signal, but not close enough to give it AC power. I don't have big enough batteries to run it all the time like a webcam. I did something like this using a VCR and a transmitter years ago, and I think 212 did something similar. Times have changed and digital stuff is cheap now. I think I've seen ideas floating around for how to do this, I'd be OK with using a PicAxe. Anyone ever built such a thing? Thanks for the replies !
  14. dorkygrin

    Jazz Dv150 Value?

    Was it this one....?? I found out that it's not really a DV150. http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?...st&id=37732
  15. dorkygrin

    Jazz Lcd

    Is there a way to turn off the LCD on a Jazz to preserve battery life?
  16. dorkygrin

    Average Price To Build?

    Maybe part of the decision could be how often you check the unit and pull videos off the unit. Memory and battery capacity needs to be considered. I just looked on my unopened DXG - takes up to an 8GB SDHC class 6 SD card. Egbert - how many minutes of HD video will that hold? I can't remember the maximum memory size of the Jazz or what class card it needs to be. I'd like to know that as I need to buy a bigger card for it.
  17. dorkygrin

    Jazz Voltage

    Geez, that posting was exactly what I was looking for. Looks like you've already been down this road. Thanks Ron!
  18. dorkygrin

    Jazz Voltage

    Will the Jazz work with 3.6 volts as the supply? I don't want to let any magic smoke out. It sure doesn't like 2.4V. I'd like to use three rechargeable in series. I suppose I could use a diode inline to drop it closer to 3 volts.
  19. dorkygrin

    Jazz Voltage

    So qty3@1.2 V NiMH would be OK without the dropping diode?
  20. dorkygrin

    What Is Your Daily Job

    Senior Solutions Analyst - I'm a computer dork that helps 'copier' salespeople sell stuff. But mostly I design, install, and train customers on document management systems. Mostly in Ohio and PA.
  21. dorkygrin

    Jazz Dv150

    Don't know actually, must be some sort of knock-off. It doesn't look exactly like the 152. Or the 151. Or the 'original' 150.
  22. dorkygrin

    Jazz Dv150

    Seemed like a good deal so I bought two of them at a Big Lots in Ohio. They are different though, maybe a DV150.2 or something. They've got a flip screen. Anybody hacked this yet?
  23. dorkygrin

    Rechargable Batteries?

    I've got a pretty sweet charger that can test the actual capacity of a NIMH battery. If someone really wants to know how accurate the rating is, send me a battery or two and I can test them.
  24. dorkygrin

    Ebay Dxg's

    Ya, I bought one of those this morning. After drooling all over Buckshot164's build, I just had to have one!
  25. dorkygrin

    Jazz Finally Done

    Thanks to the excellent instruction from the guys at the camfest, I've finally got a usable Jazz build. I skipped the Kit 98 for now and just ran the mic to the bottom of the case. Do I need to waterproof the mic somehow?