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  1. kingfisher

    A Few Pictures

    Excuse my lack of knoledge? How can you tell the age of the Hawk in the photo?
  2. kingfisher

    Can Someone Please Tell Me

    My best guess is a young fox.
  3. kingfisher

    Pics From The Last Week

    Thats a lot of BACON.
  4. I here you on that! I have some old bucks that go Vampire and are alergic to daylight here also. Great Pics
  5. kingfisher

    They Never Look Up - Yeah Right!

    Darn Here comes that Fat Man with that heavy ass Slay again this year!
  6. kingfisher

    Few Nice Ones

    Some Sholders on that 2nd one! Great bucks.
  7. kingfisher

    Not Too Bad

    Good Buck. Even better is the youngster getting a bead on the geese! Its obvious he will be a good hunter soon! Son? Or Grandson?
  8. kingfisher

    Trail Cam Spoof

    Anyone here tried this one. http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/field-...ys-trail-camera
  9. kingfisher

    New Alabama State Record

    I have no Idea how old it is. I believe this reptile needed to be harvested, if for no reason other than a Danger to Man. From what I here, the Fish & Game have only started releasing Gator tags in AL the last 2 years. 60 Tags this year. I think even Troy from Swamp people would congratulate this group.
  10. I think this qualifes as Big Game what do you think? Im glad I dont swim in the Alabama River? http://selma.wsfa.com/news/environment/108...-alabama-record
  11. Great Buck. He looks to be 3 years old at least. Ours in TN are not quite that far along at this time. I suspect we re 30 days behind looking at the growth. I hope he walks your way during the season.
  12. kingfisher

    Any Success?

    Got this one Nov. 4 2010 Scored 129 5/8 before dedections and 124 after deductions. My best Bow Buck to date.
  13. kingfisher

    Target Buck

    Okay it says the photo is there ? This is a buck that was an 11 point last year. He has split brow tines. I hope you can see how wide he is after croping this photo. Im not very good at this so.........
  15. kingfisher

    Robbin Hood

    My First