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  1. I have a Nikon Laser 600 that I love but it doesn't have the angle compensator in it. I usually shoot from 20-30 feet off the ground and out to 40yds. My arrows shoot at about 255 ft./ sec. Do I need an angle compensator and how much difference does it make? Thanks, Boman49
  2. boman49

    Victory Vap Arrows

    Does anyone use the Victory VAP arrows and what are your opinions?
  3. I needed a new set of arrows. I shoot a Mathews MQ 32 with a 28" draw and set at 62 pounds. I was shooting Beeman ICS Hunters #400 and cut to 27". They are a very rugged Carbon arrow but I was looking for something that shot flatter (faster). I gave the Carbon Max a try. They are made by Carbon Express and are supposedly the same arrow but without the "Bulldog" collar at the nock. They are fast, shoot flat, group well and are almost a good arrow except for the fact that they break way too easily at the nock. Carbon Express advertises that the "Bulldog" collar is designed to help eliminate a break at the nock from a "Robin Hood". In about two weeks of practice and probably over a hundred shots, I missed the target and hit gravel four times. This wouldn't mean a thing nor do any damage to my old ICS Hunters but four misses with the Carbon Max into gravel without the nock end coming in contact with anything meant four broken arrows at the nock. The impact drives the nock down the shaft and splits it like a wedge splitting wood. I have ordered the "Bulldog" collars on line to see if this remedies the problem. My guess is that Carbon Express knew they had a problem with arrows splitting at the nock end from impact and just put a "spin" so to speak on their reason for the collars.
  4. boman49

    Best Carbon For Hunting

    I shoot a Mathews MQ32 set at 63 lbs. with a 28" draw and 27" Beman carbon ICS Hunters with 4" Dura Vanes. I presently use a Nap Spitfire 100 grain broadhead. I have no complaints with the Bemans'. They are an older arrow without the VIBrake system and weigh in at about 8.4 gpi. These arrows shoot out of my bow at 230fps. I would like to shoot a flatter(faster) arrow without having to increase my draw weight. I have a few of some older Carbon Express 200 Hunters. They are 7.3 grains per in. with 2" vanes and shoot at 255fps. Any suggestions? I am looking for a quality arrow with 2" blazers and maybe step down to a 85 grain head instead of the 100 to help. As always, thanks. We have some pretty savvy members.
  5. He is beautiful! Tell him congratulations.
  6. boman49

    A Few Bucks

    That last one was incredible! Thanks for the post!
  7. boman49

    2'' Nap Quick Spin Or Blazers

    What are your favorites? I am thinking of getting some Easton Axis 400's and they offer both. What do you recommend? Thanks, Boman49
  8. boman49

    Neat Weather Site

    Great sight! I book marked it for hunting. thanks
  9. boman49

    Bow Sights

    I would like to poll the members as to weather or not you have & use a bubble level on your sight? Presently I don't but I was considering a new sight with one.
  10. boman49

    Archery Magazines

    What are some of the better archery magazines out there to read for the off season?
  11. boman49

    Got Some Sweet Yote Pics!

    Nice clarity & color.
  12. boman49

    Members Please Respond

    In my opinion, we should all help one another. The particular web sight for home brews is irrevelent as long as you give the credit where credit is due. My only exception is if a member asks not to distribute his/hers info. to other sights or if Hags asks not to distribute any info. Just my .02 cents worth. Boman49
  13. boman49

    Oil Prices

    This is a partial solution for many Americans' & every little bit helps. Convert to duel fuel. Run on gasoline and natural gas by adding a separate storage tank to your vehcle for the natural gas. Now I realize that it is easier to do on some vehicles than on others. Its a natural for any pick up truck. I believe that the duel fuel conversion kit costs between $1800 & $2000. In the North East, most houses have natural gas for the stove & heating etc. You fill up at home, no need for a separate gas station. When you run out, you flip over to gasoline. The U.S has huge supplies of natural gas. It is cheeper than gasoline per mile and your engile burns cleaner. All of the busses in my area run on it. The government should also give the consumer a tax rebate as an insentive. What do you think?
  14. boman49

    Pir Mounting Question

    The wide angle lens , I found, is very sensitive to the correct focal distance from the pir & being centered on the centering marks(it is not the center of the fresnel) I was only getting 15 feet until I adjusted it several times, right, left, up, down etc. until I finally got 40 feet. Good luck!
  15. boman49

    Python Lock Trade

    Great idea. I need 3 of either 2502 or 3125 Python 5/16 Camo. Boman49