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  1. Tinhorn

    Just checking on everyone/stay safe

    we or good too
  2. Tinhorn

    2019 Booner

    mine are 45 calibers too but I never got anything like yours... I got a 9 point once with that rifle, the ball went thru lung, thru the heart, bounced of the rib, jumped off that and hit the other lung and stopped the rib on my side of it. If the ball would have kept going, I guess it would have hit me too. Look at that Cedar, that is a neat tree, it had a bad time thru its life. These 2 guns were kits I did. I love the type that Dan Boone had...
  3. Tinhorn

    2019 Booner

    Wow he's a good'in - he looks pretty heavy too. what type of ML is it? I hunted with several since 1970's
  4. Tinhorn

    Winter in the North Country

    thanx... and I'm ready for WINTER!!!!
  5. Tinhorn

    Just checking on everyone/stay safe

    our county only has 1 guy with this Virus, hope it stays that way. When I was 40 I asked my Mom if I can stop having Birthdays, she said OK I guess.... It didn't work tho, I was 71 a few weeks ago dang it...
  6. Tinhorn

    Missing Members?

    bat, it's almost Mid-Nite, get to bed...
  7. Tinhorn

    Bobcat Attacks Turkey Hunter

    In Missour - He must have had a good camo, looking a turkey LOL
  8. Tinhorn

    Just checking on everyone/stay safe

    you can retire till your hair is GRAY 🤤
  9. Tinhorn

    Badger from the Badger State

    I only seen a Badger one time here in Missouri, before I had cams, years ago. I seldom see woodchucks nowadays here this county now either, odd
  10. Tinhorn

    Just checking on everyone/stay safe

    It's bad time to have medical problems now. One of my knee's is going bad and a Dr said some day... glad it's ok now but got a toothache a few days ago and they are closed till May OUCH
  11. I'll-Say.... years ago I tried the pond thing with "film" camera's but it run out the films when the Sun came up. [cam pointing north] but I will try again after seeing those pix's - WOW
  12. Tinhorn

    BullTalk - not Lately

    glad to hear from you. I know you are getting sick and tired of being sick. I bet 2020 will be really really better...
  13. nice.. You can tell Minnesota is colder than in Missouri, your muzzle's deer seem smaller than here
  14. Whelp, it's great to hear everybody here...🥁
  15. Tinhorn

    Merry Christmas

    thanx guys, can you believe its 2020 !!!!