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  1. Tinhorn

    Back up and doin good

    Man o Man I'm so glad to hear from you, Don't-u-ever-do-that-again LOL Like you said before, you will be alright....
  2. I think a digital camera's images is 4096 × 4096 = 16,777,216 pixels, arranged as 256 slices of the color... and there is not enough colors for those duck pix's WOW
  3. Tinhorn

    Winter photos from 2019

    that's pretty good, how did you do to get those birds in front of the cam ?
  4. Tinhorn

    Hey Bulltalk.65

    you out there buddy
  5. Tinhorn

    Lithium-ion batteries

    I use either alkaline or lithium-ion on my commercial cam's, they hold up on the batt's real good so I don't use rechargeables on them. It seems the battery test meter's on the cam's seem to have a problem with lithium-ion batts and when they say 70% - I better change them, at night, when the lights come in, the video may only record 3 or 4 seconds (all my cams record video's so I doubt it matters with pix's) Lithium-ion's really last a long time and have no problems when it's cold. I use NiMH's on my brew cams, like BhT said, Eneloop's seem last longer than other brands. I only use rechargables because they have been in them years LOL my 2 ¢
  6. Tinhorn

    New build

    They're utility programs on the internet that will rename file names to Date/Time It's good names to have dates anyway search "EXIF"
  7. Tinhorn

    New build

    really good quality, both the build and pictures! I guess the cam don't print the time huh?
  8. as always, neat and good quality pictures, I didn't know pheasants were way up there in the north...
  9. Tinhorn

    Found Big Mushroom

    while looking for Antlers I found this, anybody know what this it? it was about 2 feet X 14" and my foot is a size 13W LOL From a distance I thought it was a rock till I got there...
  10. Tinhorn


    doctor's are way - way better today than even a year ago, I bet it's not really bad this time but not what ever it is, you will be OKAY buddy or I will run-over-there and kick your bu!! ... your friend, Tin
  11. Tinhorn

    Been Offline

    I knew you made thru the fires then wondered if you got drown after the mud's they were worrying about then....
  12. Tinhorn

    Grandson's Largemouth Mount

    taxidermist or both of artist's, me --- ain't --- LOL if I would stuff a Fish, mine would look like a rabbit
  13. Tinhorn

    Dub my voice into a video

    Thanx guys, I did looked Windows Movie Maker on an old computer (I didn't see Movie Maker on Windows 10) but didn't see "add narration to clips" LOL but find it now, like you said... and Badger, I'd like look into the App if you find it. but now I seen that on Movie Maker, it worked fine, so don't wait much time looking
  14. Tinhorn

    Dub my voice into a video

    anybody know how to Dub my voice into a video of our game camera's clip? I would want to "merge" my voice with the existing sound, like I was saying to a person watching the clip. Laptops already have a internal mike so I think I could watch the clip and talk as I watched thanx
  15. thanx for the pix's good quality pix's too and is that mouse going to eat that rabbit LOL