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  1. Who all use a Metal Detector? I use to look around old houses and some Civil War camps years ago. Mostly looking for relics but sometimes found coins. The best thing I found was a Pocket Knife in the bottom of a Civil War trench. (I call them type a Barlow Knife) I cleaned the bigger blade good enough to see "Sheffield" and "Beckman" and found later "Jobbers" from England sold knifes both South and North soldiers in those days. (He said there were Jobbers and one was Beckman) I'll bet he was yelling when he lost it !!! or was under the knife another 6 feet, yikes ..... I'll round up some pictures here soon what about you other guys with Metal Detectors?
  2. Always enjoy your clips what was this?
  3. we don't have very many bears here in Missouri but I seen a few, just by my cams LOL you mentioned "stitched them together" -- looks like one has some "stitched" on it's side....
  4. :o scared me
  5. With had pix of it.... a member's brother made these in about 1959
  6. GREAT
  7. WHY............
  8. My Mother-InLaw had it too and said it wasn't too bad, she was 79 or 80 years old then, she's 84 I think now and she walks where ever she wants to go and never complaints. The doctors must have it down for that, bet you will be find.... if you don't tho, will you give me your cams....
  9. PSP or other Imagine Edit programs can fix the pix when you get the Big Buck
  10. Here in central Missouri we don't have any snow yet, we had 1/2" ice but no snow!!!! the other day it was 80 degrees here, some plants buds.... on Xmas, I seen frogs on our pond.... YIKE
  11. Merry Christmas Guys
  12. one time I got a card of 5 resistors from Radio Shack and all them had the wrong values, might check and be they are all 10K
  13. Some "Free" Photo/Video programs off the internet. Create "Photo to movies" and some "video" only stuff. Some easy to use and some harder but most are really powered programs. Google to see what they can do, etc ******************************************************************************** **************** Foto2Avi can create" video" slideshows from photos or can be used as a regular video editor in order to cut or join video files. Foto2Avi - Official page http://www.trustfm.net/software/video/Foto2Avi.php ******************************************************************************** **************** Photo Story 3 for Windows (created XP but It works on Windows 8 and I think It worked on win 10) Microsoft's Photo Story is a free Windows program that lets you create audiovisual presentations out of your photos and images. You can quickly crop, rotate, and edit your pictures; personalize them with captions and titles; and add sound effects, narration, and background music (no widescreen and only low res pics) PStory.msi ******************************************************************************** **************** Video Stuff only ------------------------ Avidemux Avidemux is a simple tool for simple video processing tasks. The keyword here is simple: I use it a lot to cut movies Forum: Quickstart http://www.avidemux.org/admWiki/doku.php?id=using:quickstart ******************************************************************************** **************** VirtualDub 1.10.4 VirtualDub is no advanced video editor, but what it does specifically it does extremely well. Resizing, resampling, frame adjustment, applying filters, audio replacement ******************************************************************************** **************** can Noise Reduction and change boost sound, etc audacity-win-2.1.0.exe ******************************************************************************** **************** vlc-1.1.3-win32.exe This can play almost any movie (avi, mp4, mov, etc) ******************************************************************************** **************** create movie clips to DVD's (and play on the TV) dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.7.exe ******************************************************************************** **************** FFMPEG GUI's Winff is a frontend for FFMPEG Avanti GUI is a free front-end for FFmpeg with the option to insert AviSynth ********************** Avisynth_258.exe ******************************************************************************** **************** Find files on your hard drive - FAST - the best finder I ever seen Everything- ******************************************************************************** ****************
  14. what you do, not play it's electrical at the BatCave and you cant what the TV??? I knew it.....