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  1. Tinhorn

    Dub my voice into a video

    anybody know how to Dub my voice into a video of our game camera's clip? I would want to "merge" my voice with the existing sound, like I was saying to a person watching the clip. Laptops already have a internal mike so I think I could watch the clip and talk as I watched thanx
  2. thanx for the pix's good quality pix's too and is that mouse going to eat that rabbit LOL
  3. Tinhorn

    My New Ride

    Mnnnn Mnnnnn
  4. Tinhorn

    Metal Detector

    sorry to be so LATE here... I can't find my pix's of that knife and other stuff I found on the CW place dang it, and I gave that stuff to a College for a history exhibit LOL Last year I found a knife by old, 1910, house area and I guess is a corn knife too, alto why would the tang would be round like that? Like BuckHunter said, it finds lost arrow's too, the brush hog finds then real good too LOL
  5. Tinhorn

    My New Ride

    I was worried you would say you wrecked it 😉 my cousin sure likes his cover on his truck. He built a wood "puller" like thing, like a short ladder, that is in the bed - with some of his junk between the rungs so he can drag it out a little to grab stuff really fast
  6. Tinhorn

    Happy New Year 2019

    just think, next year will be 2020
  7. Tinhorn

    Dingo pup

    I can see his muscles already LOL like you said, the sound is great, when my camera video are turned up they get lot of back ground static...
  8. Tinhorn

    Merry Christmas to all Hags members

    Merry Christmas Everyone
  9. Tinhorn


    It's scary alright, I've been went a few healthy problems too and know it's ""weighing on me" too, both me and you, knowing what you came thru. But, "without problems" people worry about stuff too, guess it's what every does. I usually think that it "could have been worse" and I bet it'll be okay for you buddy.....
  10. Tinhorn

    Along the Trail

    Surely that is the same Cat. Are cat's here in Missouri sure don't look the same way as yours, are their Eastern Bobcats and Central, etc? and that coon better hang on LOL
  11. Tinhorn

    Euro Mount

    Years ago I seen the first Euro Mount and thought it was ugly. Guys told me how they were really, etc and Hug!.. years later I seen the all white like this and thought HuH! I guess the first wasn't finished LOL it is good ain't it
  12. Tinhorn

    XMAS wish list.

    I'd like a Drone
  13. Tinhorn

    Paradise Fire

    hope you guys are still ok, all my friends here in Missouri talk about how bad it is there and hope it gets ok there soon...