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  1. Tinhorn

    BullTalk - not Lately

    glad to hear from you. I know you are getting sick and tired of being sick. I bet 2020 will be really really better...
  2. nice.. You can tell Minnesota is colder than in Missouri, your muzzle's deer seem smaller than here
  3. Whelp, it's great to hear everybody here...🥁
  4. Tinhorn

    Merry Christmas

    thanx guys, can you believe its 2020 !!!!
  5. Tinhorn

    Airborn cottontail

    I un-lited the pix a little...
  6. Tinhorn

    My New Ride

    I didn't know they can have on vehicles like that and had to look up on google for the system, it's way over my head (he-he)
  7. Tinhorn

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    thanx big guy, and to the other guys too
  8. I meant they are all big, weight bucks, none skinny
  9. WOWee How much did that thing weight-----
  10. Tinhorn

    BullTalk - not Lately

    wonder if the fires in California is causing problems for him...
  11. Tinhorn

    Missing Members?

    I hear from Bat & Ratsnest occasionally and every months or 2 I hear from BullTalk...
  12. Tinhorn

    Went to the mountains

    I lived in Oregon 4 or 5 years in 1970's or so an went up to the mountains by myself during weekends after work and slept in my 2 man tent and camping by myself too. All my bow and even my guns were all stolen before I went Oregon and just went up to discovered whatever I found in the mountains, even panned some gold and never hunted. I took a 357 pistol tho LOL got this cat picure years ago and some think it was a 10 month old Mountain Lion here in Missouri. After the picture, I went to put more cams out in the woods in 2AM at the cabin. I told my wife if it would kill me, I would be famous because it's been a hundred years since a lion killed somebody here in Missouri- - - she said get some other way famous... the original pix don't show any spots, I tried focus too much and showed these spots, etc on this pix cause I couldin find the original
  13. Tinhorn

    Went to the mountains

    watch out about the Cougars, be your luck that all you did to get all well - a lion will kill you anyway... kidding (I hope) our bow huntin' don't start to the middle of Sept here in Missouri but I will only use my cams tho and don't hunt anymore dang-it
  14. that fawn color is really neat and good bucks, won't be long and the red will change soon thanx