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  1. Tinhorn

    Pixel 3's Night Sight Camera

    seen on Internet, it can almost see in the Dark maybe will get one of these for Christmas and you can hack it for a game cam.... the Tax is $80 so guess what it costs!!! https://www.cnet.com/news/night-sight-camera-update-for-pixel-3-is-awesome/ Pixel 3's Night Sight The feature works impressively well. With dusk and night settings, Night Sight brightened up scenes with accurate colors and lighting sources that were true-to-life. But where it really shone (no pun intended) was in environments that had very, very little lighting. Cameras will always need some light to take a picture, but when I took photos in a dark room with very little light, the Pixel 3 managed to capture whole objects pretty clearly.
  2. Tinhorn

    Metal Detector

    WOW, that is neat. I built few but they were not as good as yours. You mentioned " upcoming spring/summer " but I like about now because no ticks LOL. NEAT
  3. Tinhorn


    I hope he's OK...
  4. Tinhorn


    Vic, I always that you lived out west for some reason, you still messing with Computers? I'm addicted for sure (programming) LOL
  5. Tinhorn

    My next rifle scope for my 30-06

    man, my computer is Jealous
  6. Tinhorn

    My New Ride

    isn't too good for you... LOL really nice, WOW
  7. Tinhorn


    thanx guys, I get batts off internet time to time and sure don't want to get those...
  8. Tinhorn

    Post Your Car Resto Project

    you guys take me back, once I replaced one of my 1962 Chevy Dash Lights, it was a big job.... LOL
  9. Man o Man really neat hunt, wonder how the one lost it's leg
  10. Like Bill, I likes your stuff, and really nice buck, good deal...
  11. Nice Info Here https://www.trailcampro.com/pages/game-camera-battery-information
  12. Tinhorn

    Hunting Apps

    Funny you mentioned Hunting Apps This data is 801 pictures of only Bucks over the last 3 years (not from 2018 yet) I tried to delete some pictures from the data because some bucks stayed a long time in front of the camera, I just wanted the “Time” they started moved instead walked around so to be in stand when they got up… This breaks the Phases (actually Moon Illumination) into 10 different categories which makes them roughly 3 days apart. (30 days / 10 categories = ~3 days) Note that 50% illumination is a Quarter Moon and -50% represents the 2nd Quarter and MN and FM--Get It As above, Moon Phase Data is calculated for the time the Movement Camera Picture was taken and that information is used to calculate the Graph. You can see from the Graph, the deer moved mostly Full Moon and New Moon days. Noticed NM, the camera’s seen more pix’s 3 days before and after 3 days (6 days) and also noticed most pix’s were 3 days AFTER FM From this graph I created a October Calendar so bow hunters can be in the woods better days or even take a vacation week LOL The Moon Time Calendar was created the middle of Missouri (Long/Lat) by the way, And I know some people don’t believe in Moon Phase but this data is taken from my camera’s, not my brain thoughts or believe LOL
  13. Tinhorn

    New Video Cam Build

    Yah, I meant the Movie, it looked good...
  14. Tinhorn

    New Video Cam Build

    I liked the Clip better than the build.... Oops, just kidding, even tho, it was really good on that clip, how'd you do that? I got one of the Dash Cams but either I'm to dumb or it don't take movies have the time (so never to build it) Yours sure look good and the Camo is great big guy thanx
  15. Tinhorn

    DVD-TV Free Programs

    Some guys who know me know that I like programs about our hobby Game Cams They're several Free Programs on the Internet that will create DVD's on TV. DVD Flick and DVDStyler are two but my favorite is mine called "AVStoDVD" It can create a "Menu" that has Thumbnails of your clips that have part of it's video clip in them (like on chapters) It's really neat