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  1. Cave Bear

    I really like your pix's and "forest and field"s" - thanx
  2. Unbelievable, how things change

    I hate to hear it too! and that is good...... glad you are better....
  3. Inexpensive Soldering Station

    like you said, looks good on reviews, I bought my Weller station 25 years ago for over $100, not ~$20 LOL If mine dies, I'll get one too thanx
  4. Just a Couple More

    WOW very professional looking WOW
  5. Begin my p41 IR build

    you should have half a dozen LOL lookin good
  6. My Cam's are getting pretty old now and some look like it - as for as the Camo's on the envelopes LOL so I did a Google search = "3M camo wrap material" and got quite a bit hits. One I looked at was here: http://www.mossyoakgraphics.com/mossy-oak-matte-camo-roll Mossy Oak® Graphics camo vinyl wrap camouflage sheet uses adhesives allowing film to be re-positioned until firm pressure is applied. 24x12" = $12
  7. Found these charts years ago. I would Printer a chart, cut size and stick plastic on it and stick in my wallet. To measure a deer, measure around the chest, just under the front legs. I don't remember I got these but seems Arkansas Chart seemed to be more accurate: Arkansas Deer Weight Chart Chest Live Field Girth Weight Dressed (inches) (lbs) (lbs) 20" 49 36 21" 53 39 22" 56 42 23" 60 45 24" 65 49 25" 69 53 26" 74 57 27" 79 62 28" 85 67 29" 91 72 30" 97 77 31" 104 83 32" 111 90 33" 119 97 34" 127 104 35" 136 112 36" 145 120 37" 156 129 38" 166 139 39" 178 149 40" 191 160 41" 204 172 42" 218 184 43" 234 198 44" 250 212 45" 267 228 46" 286 244 Deer Weight Chart (other Deer Locations) Chest Live Field Girth Weight Dressed (inches) (lbs) (lbs) 24 045 036 25 053 043 26 061 049 27 069 056 28 078 062 29 086 069 30 094 075 31 102 082 32 110 088 33 118 095 34 126 101 35 134 108 36 143 114 37 151 121 38 159 127 39 167 134 40 175 140 41 183 147 42 191 153 43 199 160 44 208 166 45 216 173 46 224 179
  8. Possums will eat anything here. I seen they run out of rotted dead deer and stinks...... LOL. My cam video's show them run off apples with I put out for deer (also have video baby coyotes run off apples too) possum drool to run off enemy's they are DIRTY
  9. eye-fi SD card

    never heard it till today..... I seen they might transfer only 40' but wonder if a "WiFi repeater" would boost it a long way to the house? I don't know anything about these, anybody have any ack-noledge? Eyefi Mobi Pro is an SDHC memory card with a pro punch: available in 16GB and 32GB capacity, it includes built-in WiFi that connects your camera, at lightning speeds to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Just pop it into your camera and install any of our desktop or mobile apps to instantly transfer RAW and JPEG. Selective transfer gives you the freedom to choose which images transfer to your device. Mobi Pro will transfer images over your existing home network — or if you're on location, it will create and use a private, secure connection, for ultimate on-the-go convenience. For additional information see the tech specs. http://www.eyefi.com/ https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=a9_sc_1?rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aeyefi+sd+card&keywords=eyefi+sd+card&ie=UTF8&qid=1513601912
  10. brought old post on testing batteries on dKirk for info http://www.hagshouse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32941-nimh-battery-internal-resistance/
  11. I mark dates on my batteries to see how they last (charging type, alkaline, and lithium-ion types) but I have never done anything like you did. I better get some Tenergy Premium's LOL thanx
  12. From the Cave

    always like your pix's
  13. I'm wondering if we should have a "Commercial" camera category?  they are so cheap now that few build their own.  I'm thinking that the builders here  could talk about 'fixes' of commercial cam's etc and  also Con / Pro various cams

    what do you think?


    1. Badgerbuckhunter


      Hey Tinhorn, Thanks for the suggestion, I like it, I am also looking at a "Drone" category. 212 brother "justchuck" is a big drone man. Also want to remember our members who have past on. I feel confident enough with this upgrade on the forum to move forward and do some of this stuff.

    2. Badgerbuckhunter


      Sorry I hit the enter button. I hope to start making some changes around the first of the year. Take care and happy holidays, thanks again and keep the ideas coming. John

    3. Tinhorn


      sounds good and "Drone" category sound real good, and hope Holidays will be good too - thanx

  14. Subdivision Buck

    Man it's wide, I thought between ears are about 16" and that would be..... WOW
  15. moose

    sure a good pix, does moose meat taste good? never had any
  16. couple P32 pics

    Passthru, if you need any parts, there's a chance I might have it...
  17. couple P32 pics

    Who are YOU... LOL nice to see you, been huntin?
  18. most bobcat have white back ears here in Missouri, if all good pix...
  19. Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    jeeze..... at least both are back together
  20. Best soldier iron

    Weller solder is pretty good, probably 25 watts, the tip needs to be thin You need some desoldering wick (braid) (has flux in it) to remove the solder off electrical connections if needed. (5 feet spools)
  21. Interesting new rifle scope

    that's something..... I always wanted to see in the dark, after using them in the army here is another by "Wal-Mart" https://www.walmart.com/ip/Hunting-Night-Vision-Riflescope-Monocular-Device-Waterproof-Night-Vision-Goggles-PVS-14-Digital-IR-Illumination-For-Helmet-black/251007542 it's been awhile Vic, nice to see you
  22. https://www.immortal.org/34789/new-york-might-soon-ban-using-deer-urine-hunt/
  23. "free" Photo/video Programs

    Some "Free" Photo/Video programs off the internet. Create "Photo to movies" and some "video" only stuff. Some easy to use and some harder but most are really powered programs. Google to see what they can do, etc ******************************************************************************** **************** Foto2Avi can create" video" slideshows from photos or can be used as a regular video editor in order to cut or join video files. Foto2Avi - Official page http://www.trustfm.net/software/video/Foto2Avi.php ******************************************************************************** **************** Photo Story 3 for Windows (created XP but It works on Windows 8 and I think It worked on win 10) Microsoft's Photo Story is a free Windows program that lets you create audiovisual presentations out of your photos and images. You can quickly crop, rotate, and edit your pictures; personalize them with captions and titles; and add sound effects, narration, and background music (no widescreen and only low res pics) PStory.msi ******************************************************************************** **************** Video Stuff only ------------------------ Avidemux Avidemux is a simple tool for simple video processing tasks. The keyword here is simple: I use it a lot to cut movies Forum: Quickstart http://www.avidemux.org/admWiki/doku.php?id=using:quickstart ******************************************************************************** **************** VirtualDub 1.10.4 VirtualDub is no advanced video editor, but what it does specifically it does extremely well. Resizing, resampling, frame adjustment, applying filters, audio replacement ******************************************************************************** **************** can Noise Reduction and change boost sound, etc audacity-win-2.1.0.exe ******************************************************************************** **************** vlc-1.1.3-win32.exe This can play almost any movie (avi, mp4, mov, etc) ******************************************************************************** **************** create movie clips to DVD's (and play on the TV) dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.7.exe ******************************************************************************** **************** FFMPEG GUI's Winff is a frontend for FFMPEG Avanti GUI is a free front-end for FFmpeg with the option to insert AviSynth ********************** Avisynth_258.exe ******************************************************************************** **************** Find files on your hard drive - FAST - the best finder I ever seen Everything- ******************************************************************************** ****************