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    Lets see if it works...
  2. Man o Man really neat hunt, wonder how the one lost it's leg
  3. Like Bill, I likes your stuff, and really nice buck, good deal...
  4. Nice Info Here https://www.trailcampro.com/pages/game-camera-battery-information
  5. Tinhorn

    Hunting Apps

    Funny you mentioned Hunting Apps This data is 801 pictures of only Bucks over the last 3 years (not from 2018 yet) I tried to delete some pictures from the data because some bucks stayed a long time in front of the camera, I just wanted the “Time” they started moved instead walked around so to be in stand when they got up… This breaks the Phases (actually Moon Illumination) into 10 different categories which makes them roughly 3 days apart. (30 days / 10 categories = ~3 days) Note that 50% illumination is a Quarter Moon and -50% represents the 2nd Quarter and MN and FM--Get It As above, Moon Phase Data is calculated for the time the Movement Camera Picture was taken and that information is used to calculate the Graph. You can see from the Graph, the deer moved mostly Full Moon and New Moon days. Noticed NM, the camera’s seen more pix’s 3 days before and after 3 days (6 days) and also noticed most pix’s were 3 days AFTER FM From this graph I created a October Calendar so bow hunters can be in the woods better days or even take a vacation week LOL The Moon Time Calendar was created the middle of Missouri (Long/Lat) by the way, And I know some people don’t believe in Moon Phase but this data is taken from my camera’s, not my brain thoughts or believe LOL
  6. Tinhorn

    DVD-TV Free Programs

    Some guys who know me know that I like programs about our hobby Game Cams They're several Free Programs on the Internet that will create DVD's on TV. DVD Flick and DVDStyler are two but my favorite is mine called "AVStoDVD" It can create a "Menu" that has Thumbnails of your clips that have part of it's video clip in them (like on chapters) It's really neat
  7. Tinhorn

    New Video Cam Build

    Yah, I meant the Movie, it looked good...
  8. Tinhorn

    New Video Cam Build

    I liked the Clip better than the build.... Oops, just kidding, even tho, it was really good on that clip, how'd you do that? I got one of the Dash Cams but either I'm to dumb or it don't take movies have the time (so never to build it) Yours sure look good and the Camo is great big guy thanx
  9. Tinhorn

    Season Looking Good!!

    do you bow hunt on them? I'd like to here some stories from there, along your pix's...
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  11. Tinhorn

    Can you see the site and contents

    all good here (I have always used DEFAULT)
  12. Tinhorn

    Hydro Dipping Cases

    I always think Bark Camo would be the best for cams on a tree and you <"Got It"> Really Good
  13. Tinhorn

    Tinhorn, any info on - MS20 😀

    I got some look at your message at the top of the forum
  14. Tinhorn

    Hydro Dipping Cases

    yep, really good...
  15. Is the sound too low? my Primos has that problem You might try this, this Batch File will make Movie's Sound Louder, it don't hurt the original file It's need a file off the Internet called "ffmpeg.exe" https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/ You can guestimate the boost value or there is a way to get the right value with too ffmpeg but right now, just guess 1st create a folder on the Desktop, maybe called LOUD 2nd <Copy> the code below and <Paste> it into NotePad (not wordpad or Word, it has to be only TEXT) NOTE THIS: The below 3 variables can be changed if needed, see notes below set ExtToChange=avi set NewExt=mp4 set Loud=40dB ExtToChange = the Original movie EXTENSION (e.g. AVI, Mov, mpg, etc) NewExt = the Converted movie EXTENSION (e.g. mp4, mpg, mov, etc) loud = increase volume (10db is double sound) 3rd save it in the folder called "VolumeBoost.bat" (change .txt to .bat) 4th put ffmpeg.exe in the Folder 5th copy some movies into the Folder 6th Double Click "VolumeBoost.bat" and play the movies and see if the sound is louder Batch Code is Below: @ECHO OFF rem ************************************************************************************* rem ************************************************************************************* rem ************************************************************************************* rem NOTE NOTE NOTE rem if you make changes to the settings..... rem make sure there are NO SPACES after these 4 variable settings rem ( e.g. "mp4 " not allowed ) rem ************************************************************************************* rem ************************************************************************************* rem ************************************************************************************* Rem The below 3 variables can be changed if needed, see notes below set ExtToChange=avi set NewExt=mp4 set Loud=40dB rem ExtToChange = the Original movie EXTENSION (e.g. AVI, Mov, mpg, etc) rem NewExt = the Converted movie EXTENSION (e.g. mp4, mpg, mov, etc) rem loud = increase volume (10db is double sound) rem ************************************************************************************* rem ************************************************************************************* rem *********** Main Code ***************************************************** rem ************************************************************************************* rem ************************************************************************************* rem ************************************************************************************* set start=%date% %time% For %%X in (*.%ExtToChange%) do ( cls @Echo. @Echo. ffmpeg -nostats -i "%%X" -af "volume=%Loud%" -vcodec copy "%%X.%NewExt%" ) @Echo Done, deleting temporary files if exist "null.%NewExt%" del "null.%NewExt%" if exist ffmpeg2pass-0.log del ffmpeg2pass-0.log @echo off setlocal enabledelayedexpansion for %%j in (*.%NewExt%) do ( set filename=%%~nj set filename=!filename:.%ExtToChange%=! rem if not "!filename!"=="%%~nj" ren "%%j" "!filename!%%~xj" ) @Echo. @Echo Start: %start% @Echo. @Echo End : %date% %time% @Echo. @Echo. @Echo. pause
  16. Tinhorn

    Newest BH Driveway Alert

    good job, you guys... "just thought I'd share that..." sure minds me about the old days don't it
  17. Tinhorn

    Cave Bear

    I really like your pix's and "forest and field"s" - thanx
  18. Tinhorn

    Unbelievable, how things change

    I hate to hear it too! and that is good...... glad you are better....
  19. Tinhorn

    Inexpensive Soldering Station

    like you said, looks good on reviews, I bought my Weller station 25 years ago for over $100, not ~$20 LOL If mine dies, I'll get one too thanx
  20. Tinhorn

    Just a Couple More

    WOW very professional looking WOW
  21. Tinhorn

    Begin my p41 IR build

    you should have half a dozen LOL lookin good
  22. My Cam's are getting pretty old now and some look like it - as for as the Camo's on the envelopes LOL so I did a Google search = "3M camo wrap material" and got quite a bit hits. One I looked at was here: http://www.mossyoakgraphics.com/mossy-oak-matte-camo-roll Mossy Oak® Graphics camo vinyl wrap camouflage sheet uses adhesives allowing film to be re-positioned until firm pressure is applied. 24x12" = $12
  23. Found these charts years ago. I would Printer a chart, cut size and stick plastic on it and stick in my wallet. To measure a deer, measure around the chest, just under the front legs. I don't remember I got these but seems Arkansas Chart seemed to be more accurate: Arkansas Deer Weight Chart Chest Live Field Girth Weight Dressed (inches) (lbs) (lbs) 20" 49 36 21" 53 39 22" 56 42 23" 60 45 24" 65 49 25" 69 53 26" 74 57 27" 79 62 28" 85 67 29" 91 72 30" 97 77 31" 104 83 32" 111 90 33" 119 97 34" 127 104 35" 136 112 36" 145 120 37" 156 129 38" 166 139 39" 178 149 40" 191 160 41" 204 172 42" 218 184 43" 234 198 44" 250 212 45" 267 228 46" 286 244 Deer Weight Chart (other Deer Locations) Chest Live Field Girth Weight Dressed (inches) (lbs) (lbs) 24 045 036 25 053 043 26 061 049 27 069 056 28 078 062 29 086 069 30 094 075 31 102 082 32 110 088 33 118 095 34 126 101 35 134 108 36 143 114 37 151 121 38 159 127 39 167 134 40 175 140 41 183 147 42 191 153 43 199 160 44 208 166 45 216 173 46 224 179
  24. Possums will eat anything here. I seen they run out of rotted dead deer and stinks...... LOL. My cam video's show them run off apples with I put out for deer (also have video baby coyotes run off apples too) possum drool to run off enemy's they are DIRTY