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  1. I hate to see the go but just don't have time to keep them up or send them to Johnnydeerhunter any more. I have 5 homebrew complete units left. 1. s600 with bigfoot board. I honestly can't remember what was going on with it. I know the case was leaking and the cam sometimes acted up. 2. p41 and can't remember the board name. I think cam worked fine in this build but seems like it took pics every time on the 5 min setting whether it had something in front of it or not. 3. p32 with bigfoot board. I think this unit was working propely when pulled last year. I couldn't keep a p32 in focus so it probably has an issue. 4. p32 and can't remember the board name. It worked fine but pics were fairly blurry. 5. Penns Woods Digital scout. It was a battery eater and pics weren't that clear. There are 3 p32 cams that have been hacked before. I can't remember what or if anything was wrong. For sake of the sale they're for parts. The memory cards were 3 512 1 256 and the rest 128. I first started with the home brew around 20 years ago I guess now. Every year I would send what I needed fixed to Johnny and he would have me up and going. I'm asking $150 shipped or I will trade for a covert or Spartan black flash cam or 2. Really just need the stuff gone. If any questions fell free to ask
  2. ghost rabbit

    Congratulations To The Ghost Rabbit Family

    Thanks John. Its our 4th and my wife does most of the diaper changing
  3. ghost rabbit

    P41 Blurry Night Pics

    I checked one of my cams yesterday and a p41 was taking blurry night pics. The day pics seemed fine and I think i had one night pic that was clear but the rest were blurry. Any help would be appreciated. I've had plenty of focus problems with p32 but not a p41. Thanks
  4. ghost rabbit

    Best Settings For S600

    Thank you. Thats what I needed.
  5. ghost rabbit

    Best Settings For S600

    I was wondering if someone could point me to a pinned subject or post what the best camera settings would be for the s600. Just having one going through batteries a little quicker than usual. Thought I would make sure I've got settings where they should be. Thanks
  6. ghost rabbit

    Help With S600 Not Taking Pic Every Time

    I also did put a different memory card in it. Don't know if that would make a difference or not.
  7. I've got an s600 not talking pics every time. Its on a Bigfoot board and has been working perfect. Its powering on fine but not taking pics every time. I reset the board put it on a 15 sec delay and it seemed like it was doing fine. I powered the board off changed the timing to 6 min and it powered on the cam but no pic. Almost seemed like maybe it was a timing issue. What are the best settings for the s600s? Any other thought on this? Low board batteries?
  8. ghost rabbit

    Need Help With Older X10 Board

    I have figured it out. I was able to pull up the operating instructions from on here. For some reason earlier when i tried it said something about document no longer available. Turned out it was the actual camera settings. I guess this board is kinda specific. Glad to get it back going lie I said its a great board.
  9. I have a unit I've had for several years. Its an x10 with a p32. It was in the closet and I had forgot why I wasn't using it. Powered it up and put a battery in it to see what was going on. Everything works great but about 95% of the time it powers on the cam and takes no pic. For some odd reason every now and then it will take one. This was the same reason I had put it up. Seems like a couple years ago I sent it to the guy I had bought it from and he said the settings were just wrong. I can't find any board operation instructions for it. Really don't know what could be off but clearly something is. This cam was made by Gotcha Game Cameras and honestly this board is probably the best I've had for detecting game. Any help would be greatly appreciated or if there is better settings on the actual camera itself that might help.
  10. ghost rabbit

    Need 3 Wire Hacked P41

    I need a 3 wire hacked p41. Checked one of my units a couple weeks ago and the camera is dead, won't power on at all with hack or power button.
  11. I had a very similar problem with a p41 and a ss1 or 2. The unit wasn't taking pics but if I manually turned the cam on it would then start takingpics like it should. I figured a wire was loose and put in on the four wheeler and headed to the truck. Get home and open up my storage and its taking pics fine so i don't know. Gonna try to make sure all wires are tight befre I try and put it back out.
  12. ghost rabbit

    P32 Work In A P41 Setup?

    First is I have bought all the home brews I have so I don't have any of the parts I'd prefer to go back with a p41 because it seemslike the 32's I have never stay crisp for long, they always get blurry. I haven't had that issue with the p41s.
  13. I am wanting to try a few lithium rechargeable 9volts in a couple cams I have. One more than the others because of the trouble I'm having with battery life. There are 2 different options from what I'm seeing out there, ones with 8.4v and ones with 9.6v. The Mah for the 8.4 is 600 and the 9.6 is 500. Would either pose a problem or a better choice as far as voltage goes in a unit
  14. ghost rabbit

    P32 Work In A P41 Setup?

    I appreciate the info. The holes are cloes but the flash isn't close enough. The actual lens is fine but not flash. I don't think it has video settings so probably have to find another p41.
  15. ghost rabbit

    P32 Work In A P41 Setup?

    I have a p41 with a big foot board that camera just quit working on last week. I have a hacked p32 that i can put in it but didn't know if that would work.