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  1. Visit www.fieldpix.com I currently offer circuit boards, kits with all of the parts, pre-assembled boards, and LCD counter modules. I've recently lowered my prices! I was able to do this because I finally got smart and had a manufacturer make my boards for me. They are made of FR4 material with silkscreen for easy parts placement and a solder mask on the bottom. This has saved me a lot of time and energy. Now I can start concentrating on new designs
  2. hamiltoe

    Question for everyone Re: Hunting Leases

    Dan, I figured out is it very different from state to state. I'm originally from Oklahoma where leasing hunting land is a relatively new thing. Most people find land to hunt on by word of mouth and usually don't have to pay a lease fee. I had free access to over 3500 acres when I lived there. I've been in Georgia now for 6 years. From the first day I moved here, I found out that it is very difficult to find any land, other than public, to hunt on for free. Virtually everyone who hunts on private land is a member of a hunting club that leases land. Most of the private land in GA is owned by paper/timber companies that lease tracts of land to hunters. But in Oklahoma, the majority of land is owned by farmers. So, if in Ohio, leasing land is a relatively new thing and farmers own the majority of private land, you can probably start by looking for an area that you are interested in, then find out who owns it at the county assessor’s office. Then contact the land owner directly. Chances are that they have never been approached to lease their land for hunting rights. You can probably get a decent price, depending upon how popular leasing is in your state. In GA, the average annual lease price for a tract of land ranges from $7 to $10 an acre. The closer you are to an area known for big deer, the bigger the price.
  3. hamiltoe

    toggle switch rubber boots

    Mouser.com also sells the rubber switch boots for the metric threaded switches. They are usually a NON-stock item, but they will get them for you if you order them. The part number is: 642-U5149
  4. hamiltoe

    How Far to your main hunting grounds

    One place is 1 1/2 hour drive. My other, and favorite place, is my farm in Kansas. Only its 16 hours away!