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      The Church mass shooting that happened today, was Peggy Wardens Church. She was one of the people killed today and her grandson was shot in the arm and is in surgery. Lets keep her in our thoughts and prayers. I made a topic in the "Cabin" I will keep everyone updated as I get information.

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  1. Won't Record

    Got some 5v relays, swapped the one from the board thats been power hungry and it now even works with batteries as low as 3.6v.. problem solved. I had even swapped battery holders in the past on my bigfoot boards to AA and even C cells in an effort to get a bit more life out of them...probably not needed with the 5v relay. Now I can recycle some of the used batteries I've got piled on my bench because once the got to 1.45v it was too risky to leave them in. Might need to do a recall with some video builds that I've sold as this is a huge improvement.
  2. Won't Record

    Thanks Jim, i thought you might be the one to solve this. I checked the reed relay on one of your critter getter boards and the details on it are OMR-C-105H, the details on the relays that are supplied with the Bigfoot boards are OMR-C-112H...I'm guessing the last 2 numbers refer to voltage? So it looks like I have the 12v relays. I can get a 5v 500 ohm relay here, would that work?
  3. Loss of a Hagshouse Member

    Another senseless loss of innocent lives. Thinking of all those lost and their grieving families.
  4. Won't Record

    I have a brand new Bigfoot control board that is for controlling a DXG 125 video camera. The board has a reed relay and diode added. When the board is turned on, all start-up procedure is normal and after start up if i move in front of it the camera turns on and records as it should. However it will only start recording if the board batteries are new with a combined voltage of at least 4.5v. Anything less and the camera will still turn on but the record button does not get pushed. I have other bigfoot boards with the exact same set up and they will still push the record button when the batteries are down to 3.6v or even a bit less. I can jump the record wires at the reed relay and it will start recording every time so the camera hack is good. I'm not sure if changing the diode will help or not but will give it a try. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Bigfoot board not detecting

    I remove the aaa battery holder and replace it with an aa holder that I is mounted away from m the board. I have cleaned the top of the board and checked with a magnifying glass that no traces were lifted when i removed the aaa holder. I'll see what I can find out about an external switch, I've spent a ridiculous amount of time on this board and it is starting to do my head in. Lol.
  6. Bigfoot board not detecting

    I have a bigfoot board that does not detect motion. When i turn it on it turns the camera on then off as it should but during the one minute walktest it does not detect motion and after one the walkted t times out the red led comes on to signal it is good to go but nothing happens. If i twist the sensitivity dial it will turn the camera on and start recording straight away, then after the set record time and delay is up it's dead again until I move the sensitivity dial again. I swapped the sensitivity control and it still does exactly the same thing and only records when i twist it. Must be the PIR then? Well I swapped that also and still no good. I've brushed some alcohol cleaner over the board to make sure everything is clean but still no good. I'm guessing a component failure but don't know what else to check. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. s600 flash replacement

    You can find "initialize" in the cameras settings menu.
  8. Hi, do you have any bigfoot boards or SS11 boards that you no longer need and would like to sell? Doesn't matter what they are programmed for as i can put my own onto them. Also after kit98 pre amp boards. Naturally I pay shipping as they need to go to Australia . Thanks, regards John 

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    2. egbertdavis


      Don't worry about the extra shipping, I'll eat it.  

    3. Jonnie Wilson

      Jonnie Wilson

      Thank you for your generosity I really do appreciate it. You dollar is strong against ours so should you need anything picked up and sent from here let me know and I'll get it done for you.  Thanks again,  regards John 

    4. Jonnie Wilson

      Jonnie Wilson


      John Milton 

      4 Oaktree Road 

      Croydon North Vic. 3136


      Croydon North is the town and Victoria is the state.

  9. PIR Test Program

    Great, thanks. I'll give it a go when i get home next week. Might never need to use it but if i retrieve any cams that don't seem to be working properly this test should determine if it's a board or camera issue. Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
  10. PIR Test Program

    A while ago i was trying to get a custom program for bigfoot control boards. TCscout wrote some programs for me and as a test so we could see if motion was getting detected, he left the led blink even once the walktest had ended. That gave us a definite way to visually see that motion was being detected. Then once we were happy that the program was working and motion was being detected as we wanted, the led blink was removed from the program once walktest was complete. So I've been wondering if ghoot or JDH might be able to come up with a similar PIR test program for the SS1 and SS11 boards? It is an easy visual test to eliminate detection problems. I believe it would be a few dollars well spent to have a test chip on hand to remove any doubt that the board is working as it should. Anyone else interested in a motion detection test chip?
  11. SS board diagnosis

    Have you checked the voltage regulator? I recently had one go bad for no determined reason, replaced it and the board works as it should. Sent from my SM-T813 using Tapatalk
  12. Near disaster with w230 build

    Yes it looks to me as if the camera battery was at a higher voltage than some of the AAs in one of the holders... They don't like change going into them that's for sure. I recently got a pack of 10 AAAs with an expiry date of 2024 and they varied in voltage from 1.38 to 1.51 and other voltages in between, never had that before with Duracell batteries. Didn't check them until I realized I had a problem, luckily they were in a control board where they simply didn't work. Sent from my ZTE T84 using Tapatalk
  13. Messages

    Just got a tapatalk app up and running now. Looks user friendly.... I think.
  14. Messages

    Yes i think it is something to do with the android platform. On both my android phone and tablet i only get a limited homepage. If i log on with our home computer l get the full info and options.
  15. Messages

    No I don't see that at all. When I sign in the home page stays the same but I can post and reply to topics.