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  1. Jonnie Wilson

    Back up and doin good

    Great to see you back George, and even better to hear that you're finally doing well.
  2. Jonnie Wilson


    Thanks for the update George. It sounds like there's plenty of light shinning at the end of the tunnel. We are all thinking of you. 💪
  3. Jonnie Wilson


    Hi George, the mental fight can be tougher than the physical fight but you got through last time and I'm sure you'll get through again. Words are cheap but try and focus on the positive. May my, hags members, your family and friends thoughts give you the power and strength to get through this. Your mate in Australia, John.
  4. Jonnie Wilson

    De bugging

    Check out this little White Throated Tree Creeper giving my trailcam a good going over.
  5. Jonnie Wilson

    Sw Minnesota trail cam pics 02-03-2019

    Great photos 👌
  6. Not sure how this will go, I haven't posted any videos for a long time as photobucket that I've paid for is now useless, a short video clip can take an hour or more to upload and then get a message to say upload unsuccessful. This video is of a sambar stag in the Victorian high country Australia, captured with a DXG 125 with sound amp. Bigfoot control board.
  7. Jonnie Wilson

    Bears Being Bears

    Great videos. 👌
  8. Jonnie Wilson

    Pre Amp with sister boards

    Ok I need the hole through type then. I actually have 3 different types of yours. The oldest ones are quite long about the size of 2 kit 98 boards, then I have some that are hole through about the he size of a kit 98 and also a couple of your surface mount models. All work perfectly. If you find any of the hole through amp array boards that you no longer want can I buy them from you?
  9. Jonnie Wilson

    Pre Amp with sister boards

    My soldering skills aren't too bad so if the SM boards you have are able to be made up manually,, could I buy some blank boards from you? Thanks.
  10. Jonnie Wilson

    Action cam

    How do you find the quality of your cheap action cam videos? Mine look sharp with the cameras LCD screen but put them on the computer and they are rubbish. Wouldn't waste my time with them again.
  11. I've been making my own preamp boards with sister board combined but it's a slow and tedious exercise. Would someone with the skill to draw Gerber files be interested in doing a preamp with a couple of sister boards combined for video builds? so it's easy and clean to add an amp and array. I have circuit layouts for a couple of different preamp kits that appear to be identical and there doesn't appear to be any copyright issues with them. To get the boards made up in China is very cheap and they will do small amounts, so maybe those doing video builds could benefit from this. I have a couple of critter getter preamp boards with sister board combined that are small and simple to use but are no longer available.
  12. Jonnie Wilson


  13. Jonnie Wilson

    S600 Flash

    I think you're right about the main board, I tried initialising the camera but that didn't help. Another one for the parts box.
  14. Jonnie Wilson

    S600 Flash

    I have an s600 that won't fire the flash. I checked the flash cap against a good one and it appears to be ok. For some reason the cap isn't charging although the LCD display shows the green indicator to indicate it is charging. After trying to get it to fire buy taking a few pics if i then remove the batteries and try to discharge it with my resistor I don't even get the faintest spark. Even tried touching the terminals with my finger...not even a tingle. All ribbons seem to be in good condition and I can't see any corrosion anywhere. Apart from the flash everything else works as it should. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  15. Jonnie Wilson

    Question for the "Board builders and Suppliers

    Yes in a pm you did offer a new board, when the Reed relay was faulty and it wouldn't record.. I replaced the relay and the board then worked. I let you know and you replied "awesome" The wrong code I was given has unfortunately rendered the board as useless. That's enough from me on the matter.