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  1. 4K Action Cam

    I haven't been able to get my head around ir conversions so have gone with the white light arrays. They are bright, cheap and there are lots to choose from. I have always used photobucket to post my videos but for some reason I can't upload to it now.
  2. 4K Action Cam

    Since I opened the camera up to take a picture of the hack I have now added an external mic and pre amp. Works great and makes the videos a lot more interesting.
  3. 4K Action Cam

    Yes that is where I have my power connections. I wonder if yours shuts down because the triple A battery is only 1.5v and the camera runs off 3.7v? I'm using a 3.7v 18650 battery for external power.
  4. 4K Action Cam

    This is how I hacked my camera for power and shutter. I couldn't flip the camera board for a pic of the external power hack as i gooped the wires through the back of the case, but I just soldered directly to where the battery contacts the terminals. I think you might have your external wires where I have my power wires?
  5. Hydro Dipping Cases

    Good job, they look great.
  6. Big Bertha

    Thanks Jim I appreciate what you have done for me. I will try and load the code when I get back home after Easter and will let you know how it goes.
  7. Big Bertha

    Jim would you be able to modify one or your dxg125 codes to record for 3 minutes during daylight and 1 1/2 minutes once dark? Thank you.
  8. Big Bertha

    Yes i think the SLA is the only way to go for the 36 watt arrays. If i test my battery with the 2 arrays on it still puts out over 10 volts after 34 3 minute videos. After 38 videos it was holding 9.4 volts with both arrays on. Ralph do you know if a code could be written to record for say 3 minutes in daylight and once dark is detected and the array is activated to record for a shorter time?
  9. Big Bertha

    Yes for deer I use a 3 minute record, for kangaroos and birds I go for 30 seconds.
  10. Big Bertha

    After spending way too much trying to get enough light from white light led arrays for my DXG125 video cams I had conceded defeat...or I thought I had until I saw the white light go pro builds on here. I got two 36watt flood led arrays for $34, put one at the top of a 1060 case and the second at the bottom. Nothing petite about this build that's for sure and pretty hard to camo the reflectors. I got a sla battery from a recycler for $4 that was a used as a backup for something and is like brand new. I liquid nailed and camoed the battery and will hang it off the python cable. Testing in the garage I got 38 3 minute videos and the battery was still reading over 11 volts. Not sure what the amp hour rating of the battery is. Very bright in the garage but time will tell how it goes in the bush. I'll set it up over Easter for a proper test.
  11. From a fallen white pine

    Great pics. I'm a big fan of the White Flash and are convinced that it doesn't scare wildlife at all. Humans are another story!
  12. GoPro Hero HD trail cam

    I looked at those type of arrays a while ago but couldn't workout how to hook it up to the board because it has the inbuilt driver. Could that type of array be mounted directly to the top of the camera case? I don't think exposed cables would last too long here with the amount of possums we have.
  13. 4K Action Cam

    Ok so here is the finished 4k video build. A big thankyou to ghoot for helping with the board connections as they are opposite to how i hook up the dxg video cams. Another big thankyou to bigbassman for tweaking the code timings of a bigfoot program I had. Without the help of both Gary and Ralph this little project would be still on the shelf. The build is still very basic with no sound, however now that I know these little cameras will work I intend to get sound up and working after a bit of field testing. The first photo is of a pelican 1040 case with the new smaller case 4k video cam beside for comparison.
  14. GoPro Hero HD trail cam

    Great to see some white light trailcam videos. I tried for ages to get white light led arrays working with my video cams and although I had some success, one blown led would take out a whole bank of leds and it was impossible (for me) to replace just one so the light was then too weak.
  15. 4K Action Cam

    These cameras cost AU$40 about US$30 and because of the compact size if it will work should fit into a pelican 1020 case with room for a couple of 18650 rechargable batteries for external power. The videos are clear and sharp but would need to be set close to the target area as things look further away than the actually are. Didn't attempt to hack the sound mic yet as it's attached directly to the camera board and I can't see how it's soldered on. A man needs a project so this is mine for a while. 👍