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  1. 4K Action Cam

    These cameras cost AU$40 about US$30 and because of the compact size if it will work should fit into a pelican 1020 case with room for a couple of 18650 rechargable batteries for external power. The videos are clear and sharp but would need to be set close to the target area as things look further away than the actually are. Didn't attempt to hack the sound mic yet as it's attached directly to the camera board and I can't see how it's soldered on. A man needs a project so this is mine for a while. 👍
  2. 4K Action Cam

    I got a cheap 4k video camera from China to see if I could hack it and make a trailcam out of it. The camera itself is tiny about 2 x 1 1/2 inches, i got it apart and got wires soldered to the power and record buttons, also got wires soldered to the battery terminals for external power. Camera is powered by a 3.6v rechargable battery. Got it back together and if I touch the power wires together it turns on and if I touch them again it turns off. Only thing is to turn it off the wires need to be together for a couple of seconds. With the camera on if i touch the record wires together it starts to record, touch them again and it stops recording. I think the hack is ok. I have 2 bigfoot control boards here that I can program for DXG125 videos but have no idea what program I would need to get this camera working with the control board. Does anyone have any bigfoot programs that i could try with this camera? I can load the programs to the board but cannot write programs. Thank you JW
  3. Just a Couple More

    Thank you. They sure didn't look neat and tidy when i first started making cams 10 years ago. I reckon there was enough wire in the case for half a dozen cams..i used to put a piece of adhesive backed foam on the birdsnest of wire to try and hide it. Lol
  4. Just a Couple More

    I got some boxes, boards, cameras and other bits and pieces from a hags member that no longer had time to put them together. I made them into a couple of daytime only builds with sound amp.
  5. Problem with Samsung A402

    If you tried 2 control boards it must be something with the hack I would think. I'm sure you would have checked this but is the chip in the control board the correct type for your camera?
  6. From the Cave

    Your blog is amazing and very informative for someone like myself on the other side of the world. 👌
  7. LZ10 Coyote

    Good sharp pic, is that using the camera flash or a slave flash?
  8. S600 White Screen

    Thanks Ben, I'll pull the ribbons out again and give them another clean. Is it OK to clean the connector end that the ribbon pushes into with alcohol also?
  9. S600 White Screen

    I've had a s600 sent to me for possible repair. The LCD screen is white when the camera is turned on. I took the screen out and swapped it for another but the problem persists. Disconnected all ribbons and cleaned them with alcohol and reseated them but still no good. Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. Fish Cam

    New underwater fish cam is almost finished. S600 fits neatly into the 1010 case with just enough room to squeeze in a SS11 control board. I cut the end off a bolt and mounted it through the case to attach a home made lead weight to hold the cam under the water.
  11. Under Water

    Thanks mate
  12. Under Water

    Ok, this might actually work. I've got some boards with bad PIRs so could probably use one of those? The box would only need to be big enough to fit the camera and the board, won't need the fresnal or hole drilled. I've got a pelican 1010 case that will do the job perfectly I would think. Just need to weigh the box down with some lead so it sinks but stays upright to keep the camera vertical. JDH if you are able to have a go at the program... if you have some time in the future, I would love have a go at making a fish spy cam.
  13. Under Water

    I thought that would be the case. Not worried about water getting in as I would only be dropping it over the side while I was fishing, so I can certainly make a 100% waterproof box. If the PIR won't work under water, I wonder if the picaxe chip could be programmed to push the shutter say every 30 seconds or so without using the PIR? That would put about 120 pics on the card every hour... should hopefully get a few fish pics.
  14. Under Water

    Does anyone know if a trailcam would work under water to get photos of fish around snags? Summer starts tomorrow here and all my cams are back home so I'm trying to amuse myself with something different. I'm wondering if underwater might be like setting a cam in front of the TV. Has anyone already tried this?
  15. Won't Record

    Got some 5v relays, swapped the one from the board thats been power hungry and it now even works with batteries as low as 3.6v.. problem solved. I had even swapped battery holders in the past on my bigfoot boards to AA and even C cells in an effort to get a bit more life out of them...probably not needed with the 5v relay. Now I can recycle some of the used batteries I've got piled on my bench because once the got to 1.45v it was too risky to leave them in. Might need to do a recall with some video builds that I've sold as this is a huge improvement.