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  1. I got the rechargeable coin cells and have replaced them in all my S600s. No batteries in the cameras for 2 weeks and put batteries in, turn on and no need to set the date again. The battery replacement is an easy job to do and well worth it in my opinion.
  2. The case is a Tactix brand. Made of the same stuff as a pelican case and is similar in size to a pelican 1020
  3. I know TCscout used a couple of sj1000 video cameras in homebrews so I've been trying to find a hack for them but so far no luck. Does anyone have a hack that they could please share? I make daytime only videos and have always used DXG125 cameras but they are getting just about impossible to source here. The sj1000 is FullHD so videos should be a better quality than the dxg125. Thankyou
  4. Some do charge back up and keep working but now i find some are just dead and no longer charge at all. I just ordered 10 batteries for $39.95 AU so hopefully if they work the cameras should be good for another 10 years.
  5. Ok I take it no one on here worries about holding the camera settings when the batteries are flat or out of the camera. I sell a few homebrews and the most common problem I have is with people not being able to reset the settings once they are lost, that's why i'm trying to replace the coin cell battery. The actual sony replacement part is #1-756-539-21 but it is no longer available, there are different part # for different cameras that are actually the same battery but also no longer available. There are no specs for the battery only the part #. I'm geussing it's rechargable and 3 volts? Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained so I've ordered a couple to give them a try.
  6. Does anyone know if this is the correct battery to replace the coincell settings battery in an S600? I have a few cameras that need the settings reset each time the batteries are removed, i think most S600s will need this battery changed at sometime. The battery is easy to get to so i thought when i pull one apart to do the hack i might as well do the battery at the same time...just need the correct battery. Thanks. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/282468503412
  7. I have made a few of these now and they seem quite popular. The case is similar to a pelican 1020 just a bit thinner, so i had to add a small snorkel to the outside to allow for the lens extension. Pipe is on the outside and bolted securely through to the inside. S600 camera with SS11 board with TCscout programming, the only difference with the this program to the standard program is that the camera only refreshes when it's dark...saves the batteries a little bit. For external power, 2 C cells with a custom battery holder as i couldn't find any double end to end holders here.
  8. Ok thank you for the help. If i used the chart correctly the 2 x Cs are clearly better than the 4 x AAs. JDH, i like to use rechargeables in my own cams but i find if i make them for others they.... for some reason get confused with rechargeable batteries and don't charge them properly or try to use cheap ones that won't last etc.
  9. I don't know which was way to go. If i put 4 AAs in a build for external power for an S600, would they last longer than 2 C cells? I normally have 2 eneloops in the camera and either energiser or duracell backups. I have room for either the 4 AAs or 2 Cs. Thanks.
  10. Terrific, that's what I was hoping..but didn't want to turn it in case i destroyed the lens. Thank you for your help.
  11. I'm sure sure it's a focus issue as i can take the camera out of the build and test it outside the case. If i compare a clip from it to another from a different camera taken from the same place it's not sharp but slightly out of focus in comparison. It really annoys me so I'm hoping someone can tell me how to adjust it.
  12. That's good. Does the lens need to be removed or can it be twisted a bit? I'm guessing the camera would need to be hooked up to the computer to see what is happening?
  13. I agree that eneloops are better, i got imedions that for what ever reason don't make good contact in my s600s...they work fine as external power in a battery holder but unreliable in the actual camera. I tried lifting the battery contacts in the camera, cleaned them with contact cleaner but the imedions will turn the camera on for a couple of seconds then it turns itself off kinda like the batteries are flat. Tried them in different cameras with the same result.
  14. I have a dxg 125 that seems to be a little out of focus. It is stock standard lens with no exchanger. I only use them for daytime videos and it annoys me when i get some good footage and its like there's a smudge on the glass. Does anyone know if the original fixed lens can be focused? Thanks
  15. I'm away for a few days and will try the other settings when I get home. Thanks. The XLPs are real dinosaurs when compared to something like the SS11 that we can use today.