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  1. sambarseeker

    nice doe pic

    I know it's not very spectacular but I just liked the color and light in this pic. She had a fawn with her in the rest of the sequence. I thinkl she's pregnant too.
  2. sambarseeker

    nice doe pic

    I know it's not very spectacular but I just liked the color and light in this pic. She had a fawn with her in the rest of the sequence. I thinkl she's pregnant too.
  3. Put this corn out for the deer but they really haven't shown any interest. I even sweetened it with molasses.
  4. sambarseeker

    Memory Sticks

    That's a great deal on memory cards but of course I can't source them from Australia. Anybody prepared to buy 3 for me on my behalf? I can transfer money with Paypal if somebody would be kind enough to do it. Had this problem with those re-furbed Sony P41's for $129 bucks or so. Not available to Australia. Makes me salivate over those deals. Russell
  5. sambarseeker

    couple of pics

    Here's a good pic of a wombat and a spiker for you all. The wombat didn't really like the flash as the next pic showed him high tailing outa there. I'm looking forward to seeing this spiker grow up. Russell
  6. sambarseeker

    IR cam to catch crooks?

    Thanks folks. I sort of thought that might be the case with the licence plates. Unfortunately most thefts are at night and if they even got the slightest hint of a flash they, along with the $400 cam would be gone. I guess I was looking for the "Silver bullet" to try to stop these morons. I'll continue to monitor the posts and see if I reckon it's worth the risk to go ahead with the build. Russell
  7. sambarseeker

    Fallow buck

    Here's a buck that I've been watching checking out who's been at his scrape.
  8. sambarseeker

    IR cam to catch crooks?

    Folks, a professional wild dog trapper buddy of mine is having trouble with some "less desirables" stealing his dog traps. He has asked me to build him a cam to try to catch the licence plates or faces of those responsible. I'm going for the old favorite of a P41 I guess mainly because from the mod instructions I've read, it's fairly straight forward. I don't really want to go building a slave flash (because I've never done one) but just use the on-board P41 flash. My question is essentially just how "invisible " is the flash after you cover the flash hole with the IR material? Will the crooks see it? I'm really interested to hear from anybody who has had any success with IR cams in detecting illegal activity. Thanks Russell
  9. sambarseeker

    Velvet spiker

    This is one of a series of pics, the first from my Sammy, SSS setup that I did for a friend. I'm really pleased with this setup and it's working really well. Battery life is great. As you can see, flash range aint super but with a bit of planning on location it will be fine. Daytime pics are clear and bright. Thanks Garry for a great product in SSS and for ironing out a couple of small bugs for me. Russell
  10. sambarseeker

    Branch award win!

    Just found out I won the best trail cam pic section in our deer hunting club branch awards! Thanks to all who have helped along the way. Russell
  11. sambarseeker

    Ruger M77 Mk1 mod possible?

    Thanks for the info Bcraft. I think I will go down that track. From what I read, the WSM seems to give about the same performance as the 300 Win Mag. Should be a good project. Thanks Russell
  12. sambarseeker

    Need your input.

    Gary, for my input ( for what it's worth). The external kill switch is more trouble than what it's worth. Go into walk mode straight away on power up, for a set time period without the kill switch. Don't give the punters the option. The LCD could be brighter for use in bright light conditions. Soldering connection pad could be bigger and easier to access but only for us half blind old coots. Other than that, it's a great board and easy to use. Russell
  13. sambarseeker

    Ruger M77 Mk1 mod possible?

    Hi folks. I'm usually over at the cam building or bow hunting forum but I have a special rifle problem that I was hoping the good folk at HH could solve. I have a Ruger M77 Mk1 rifle chambered in .308W. The rifle is in really good condition but the barrel is a bit knocked around externally. I've done the .308 thing many years ago and have decided that this rifle might make a cheap project rifle so I've decided to re- barrel to a .300WSM. My question is simply, is this possible? Thanks in advance. Russell
  14. sambarseeker

    Sammy A402 / SSS

  15. sambarseeker

    Sammy A402 / SSS

    Hi folks. This is my latest build. After a few timing problems which Garry sorted out with the promptness and efficiency that we have come to know from him, it's now working like a charm. I built this one for a friend who just "Had to have one". Haven't tried it in the field yet but the speed and the flash range from this Sammy doesn't seem too bad at all. Oh, not as good as the P41 or P32 of course but pretty good for a budget camera. Easy to hack too, after I got a magnifying glass to do the soldering!