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  1. scruffnbeez

    Fawns Back Of My Garden

    awwww...how cute :P
  2. scruffnbeez

    Retired Today. Yahoo!

    YEA!!!! Congrats!!! Enjoy retirement!
  3. scruffnbeez

    2001 Dodge Ram Problem

    With the help of a friend.... U Joints right behind the front wheels replaced, new brake pads for both sides, one new rotor and a new pair of calipers. Now it no longer squeaks, front end drives better and the brakes work better....I am a few hundred dollars lighter, too! Thanks everyone for the advice.
  4. scruffnbeez

    Prayer Request For Bat

    Prayers for ya Bat!!! Take care of yourself!
  5. scruffnbeez

    2001 Dodge Ram Problem

    How come it only squeaks when it is in 4 wheel drive and not all the time? I will take it and get an estimate. It is only a work truck, so I only drive it a little on Saturdays. OH, I can't forget this place! Just that work won't let me visit..says Hag's House is not allowed because of 'weapons'!
  6. scruffnbeez

    2001 Dodge Ram Problem

    ok, thanks dmach
  7. scruffnbeez

    2001 Dodge Ram Problem

    sounds expensive...
  8. scruffnbeez

    2001 Dodge Ram Problem

    The front end squeaks when turning, only in 4 wheel drive. It doesn't do it when I am not in 4 wheel drive. Does anyone know what would be the problem? Easy fix? expensive fix? any help would be appreciated. thanks
  9. scruffnbeez

    Mrdean Has His Birthday Today!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. I have some that I need to get back out and finish. They might even be finished. I have no clue. packed all my stuff up a few years ago because I didn't have time to make cams anymore
  11. scruffnbeez


    Hey Tinhorn....how are things going...
  12. scruffnbeez


    Thought I'd check back in!! Bat - how is that garden, 212...you still getting into trouble?? Lots of new names here! I guess I should stop in more often.
  13. scruffnbeez

    Please Read

    Hi 212!!!! I guess you are assuming I can read...
  14. scruffnbeez

    Look What We Got Yesterday.....moose Arrived....

    awww..he is so cute!!!
  15. scruffnbeez

    2008 Kansas Archery Buck

    Good Story! Sorry about the yotes getting him. Dang Yotes!!!